TSA Strip Search Soldiers Returning With Dead Comrade

TSA cannot find actual bomb parts being smuggled onto airplanes, they can bypass security checkpoints and smuggle drugs through our airports…

However when US Soldiers in uniform, escorted by a police office and welcomed by an Honor guard consisting of Police, Fire, Rescue and Military Personel, the TSA is able to quickly identify the danger of letting US Soldiers with earned Medals, and strip search them infront of everyone

Of course this is in Seattle, where there are known terrorists trying to use ferries to attack the US. So the TSA must be on their guard, you never know when one of these US Soldiers returning a fallen comrade so he can be buried, might just try and hijack one of our planes.

And before some liberal asshat posts that this guy was just doing his job, what if one of the soldiers was a terrorist in disguise… This was a military detail, traveling together, with official notification to have an honor guard, see member list above, great them on the tarmac. This was not a lone soldier taking a commercial flight randomly. This was a planned trip with government authorization and notifications. This TSA prick is just that a dumb ass prick.

Someone please find the name of the TSA agent and post it here, preferably with a picture.

Contact the TSA and let them know you are outraged by this incident… See contacts at end of post… 

Listen to the whole thing.  

Transcript of Ken Schram: Someone should be fired
By Ken Schram
KOMO-TV Ch 4 (ABC), Seattle (WA)

I don’t think things can get more screwed up with airport security.

This isn’t about how investigators were able to smuggle liquid explosives and detonators past TSA screeners earlier this year.

It’s about the atrocious treatment endured by some Fort Lewis soldiers who were escorting the remains of a colleague home to Virginia earlier this month.

Brief background: On the tarmac, an honor guard had been formed by Port of Seattle Police, airport fire and rescue and military personnel as the soldier’s body was placed on the plane.

A police officer then took the escort soldiers up to security.

The TSA screener checked everyone’s ID, including the police officer, and then had the soldiers go through the metal detectors.

Their combat ribbons and medals set off the alarms.

So what does the TSA screener do?

He has the soldiers strip off their uniforms – in front of everyone – down to their tee shirts, pants and socks.

Will someone please tell me what the hell is wrong with these people?

How does some inept, insensitive idiot with the IQ of room temperature even get a TSA job?

That TSA screener should have his ass fired.

And those soldiers deserve at least an apology.

Contact your Senators and Representative to express your outrage at how the TSA treats our soldiers…

Find your Representative

Find your Senators

Contact the TSA to express your outrage of how they treat our soldiers…

Website: http://www.tsa.gov/

The TSA  Office of Civil Rights:
Phone: 800) 877-8339
E-mail: TSA-ContactCenter@dhs.gov

Office Name – (use TSA Routing Symbols below)
Transportation Security Administration
601 South 12th Street
Arlington, VA 22202-4220

Use routing codes:
TSA-1 Administrator
TSA-1 Business Transformation & Culture
TSA-1 OSC – Executive Secretariat
TSA-2 Chief Counsel
TSA-4 Strategic Communications and Public Affairs
TSA-5 Legislative Affairs
TSA-6 OSC – Civil Rights and Liberties (OCRL)
TSA-9 CFO – Claims Processing
TSA-10 Intelligence & Analysis
TSA-11 OPT – Information Technology/CIO
TSA-12 OPT – Operational and Technical Training
TSA-13 Inspection
TSA-14 CFO – Finance
TSA-15 Model Workplace
TSA-16 OPT – Security Technology
TSA-17 Administration (CAO)
TSA-18 Law Enforcement/FAMS
TSA-19 Transportation Threat Assessment & Credentialing
TSA-20 OSC – Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
TSA-21 Human Capital
TSA-22 OSC – Ombudsman
TSA-24 Risk Management – Annapolis Junction
TSA-25 Acquisition
TSA-28 Transportation Sector Network Management
TSA-29 Security Operations
TSA-30 OHC – Administrative Appeals and Review
TSA-31 OSC – Sensitive Security Information (SSI)
TSA-32 Operational Process and Technology
TSA-33 Special Counselor (OSC)
TSA-34 OPT – Risk Management and Strategic Planning
TSA-35 OPT – Operational and Performance Metrics
TSA-36 OSC – Privacy
TSA-37 OSC – Audit Liaison
TSA-901 OSC – Transportation Security Redress (OTSR)


6 Responses

  1. When they hire assholes, they get assholery for job performance. I was unfortunate enough to be traveling through Chicago’s O’Hare Airport late one night and saw the TSA shift change muster. What a bunch of misfits standing in formation to get their gate assignments. It was like Mayberry RFD Airport and the TSA agents were all worse than Barney Fife (god rest his sole). He was funny, they were pathetic.


  2. My experience with the TSA has been limited, however I have noticed at least of of Newark and Las Vegas, most of them appear to be barely high school graduates, not in terms of age, but rather educational level. I would think people conducting this level job would be required to have a developed Critical Thinking capacity.
    Many places require police officers to have college educations these days, maybe we should consider the same for the TSA.
    At least have formal education in criminal investigation.

  3. This is outrageous, thank for posting. I will whip off letters to my congressmen and rep about this one.
    And I do love the name of your blog!!! Nice job!

  4. ArmyMom,
    Thank you, I hope more people follow suit and contact their congressmen and the TSA. Please spread the word.

  5. The style of writing is very familiar . Did you write guest posts for other bloggers?

  6. […] a good job arresting 5-year old “terrorists,” mistaking iPod Chargers for bombs and strip-searching soldiers returning to the U.S. with their dead comrades, Congressman Dan Lipinski (D-IL) wants TSA screeners (pardon me that’s […]

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