Gabrial Vs. Vickers

More imporant than Atlas’ first note, is that Vickers claims NOT A SINGLE muslim in the US supports or condones the calling for death of Gillian Gibbons… He can speak for millions of Muslims in the US. Anyone remember the muslims in Paterson, NJ celebrating after 9/11. I do. I lived less than 2 miles from where they were. I suggest listening to the whole broadcast and pay close attention to what Vickers is saying…


Note the first Islamic lie — 7 million Muslims in America (more like 2 million).
Again the meme, only a tiny number of extremists — hundreds of million is a fraction of 1.3 billion but its a lot of jihad.

Atlas reader x_dhimmi was great enough to capture this vidclip for anyone who missed the wondrous Brigitte Gabriel take on an Islamist :

Brigitte debated Eric Vickers of the American Muslim Council on Sudan
islamists calling for the death of Gillian Gibbons, the Brit teacher
jailed for allowing her 2nd Grade students to name a teddy bear

BTW, if you missed my radio show with Brigitte, listen here. IMAO, It’s my best and certainly my favorite. She is so my girl, And get involved.


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