Sudanese Jihadists Rally For Death of Fuzzy Wuzzy Mohammed Bear Teacher

The rallies in Sudan on Friday demonstrated the continued violence against non Muslims. The Terrorists, came to the streets calling for the execution of Gillian Gibbons for letting her 7y/o students name their teddy bear Mohammed.

From what I heard, they had to move Gibbons to a secret location. That would indicate that the police are afraid of these terrorists that took to the streets Friday…

Maybe if the teddy bear had a bomb strapped to it then it would be ok to call it Mohammed…

Thousands of jihadists want Mohammed Teddy Bear blasphemer executed: “Kill her, kill her by firing squad!”

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 30, 2007 09:05 AM

Update 1:20pm Eastern. Blade of Peace


Unbelievable dhimmi commentary of the day: We need to be more “sensitive.”

Update 11:53am. Photos of the “Kill Her!” demonstration in Khartoum are coming in. Looks like Islamic Rage Boy has new company: The Mo Bear Rage Mob. Via Yahoo! News

Via an e-mail from M. Sliwa, former Sudanese slave and freedom fighter Simon Deng speaks out: “This is what they have been doing to non-Islamists in Northern Sudan for years and nobody has noticed, nobody has cared.”

Via HA Headlines, more photos of the Mo Bear Rage Mob here. And here’s an online petition to Free Gillian Gibbons.


Update: Funniest headline. Mockery is the best medicine.

Update: Via John Little, it’s not just Sudanese Muslims attacking poor British teacher Gillian Gibbons and it isn’t just Ms. Gibbons they want to suffer. Boris Johnson writes:

If you want grounds for despair, read the entries on the BBC website, in which some British Muslims say that she should be punished; or read the entries from people in Sudan saying that the children should be punished.

Just a reminder of the kind of British Muslims Ms. Gibbons has to look forward to when Sudan deports her. Remember?



If it’s Friday, it’s call-for-an-infidel-execution day. The Mohammed Teddy Bear Blasphemy outrage continues, with the usual suspects doing the usual things–waving weapons, screaming bloody murder, and advocating death in the name of Mohammed:

Hundreds of protesters brandishing swords and sticks gathered outside Khartoum’s presidential palace Friday to vent their anger against a British teacher jailed for allowing children to name a teddy bear “Mohammed.”

An undated amateur photo of Gillian Gibbons, who has been found guilty of insulting religion.

About 600 Islamic demonstrators piled out of mosques, chanting: “By soul, by blood, I will fight for the Prophet Mohammed.” Some of the protesters demanded the teacher’s execution, according to The Associated Press.

The agency reports that some chanted: “No tolerance: Execution,” and “Kill her, kill her by firing squad.”

The latest reports peg the marchers’ numbers in the thousands. “Tiny minority.” Uh-huh.

BBC has more via Dhimmi Watch:

The marchers took to the streets after Friday prayers to denounce the sentence as too lenient.

The protesters gathered in Martyrs Square, outside the presidential palace in the capital, many of them carrying knives and sticks.

Marchers chanted “Shame, shame on the UK”, “No tolerance – execution” and “Kill her, kill her by firing squad”.

Hundreds of riot police were deployed but they did not break up the demonstration.

Because they believe in free speech…for jihadists.

From a practitioner of the Religion of Peace:

“Imprisoning this lady does not satisfy the thirst of Muslims in Sudan. But we welcome imprisonment and expulsion,” the cleric, Abdul-Jalil Nazeer al-Karouri, a well-known hard-liner, told worshippers. “This an arrogant woman who came to our country, cashing her salary in dollars, teaching our children hatred of our Prophet Muhammad,” he said.


3 Responses

  1. I’m not sure which is more bizarre – the behavior of these Muslims or that of the U.S. liberals who equate orthodox Christianity with Islam.

    A line in another article cracked me up: “Is it any wonder almost half of Americans believe Islam is more likely than other religions to encourage violence against nonbelievers?”

    Almost half?! No, the real wonder is that 100.0000% of Americans don’t KNOW that Islam is more likely to encourage violence against non-believers. I suppose the “almost half” meant all conservatives.

  2. […] Teddy Bear Jihad in the Sudan, and jihadists incensed that a schoolteacher would name a Teddy Bear […]

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