Muslim Groups In Sudan Not Satisfied With Conviction of Fuzzy Wuzzy Muhommed Teacher

Islamic groups in Sudan plan to protest against Gillian Gibbons for her Infidel Ways… They are clearly not satisified with the outcome of the court ruling.

Leaflets pass out by these groups promises a “Popular Release of Anger”, sounds live violence to me….

KHARTOUM, Sudan (CNN) — Muslim groups in Sudan, angry at a female British teacher for allowing her students to call a teddy bear “Mohammed,” are planning a protest in the capital Khartoum a day after she was sentenced to 15 days in jail.  

The decision by a Sudanese court to jail Gillian Gibbons late Thursday was widely criticized outside of Sudan as too harsh, with British Foreign Secretary David Miliband saying he was “extremely disappointed” the charges were not dismissed.

In leaflets distributed earlier this week by Muslim groups and seen by CNN, the protesters promised a “popular release of anger” at demonstrations called for Friday.

The leaflets condemned Gibbons as an “infidel” and accused her of “the pollution of children’s mentality” by her actions.

Sudanese media was reporting that the protests would take place outside the Unity High School where Gibbons worked as a teacher following Friday prayers. However, CNN was unable to confirm this.

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The teacher was convicted of insulting religion but cleared of two other charges of inciting hatred and showing contempt for religious beliefs, Ali Ajeb, her lawyer said. Watch latest developments in the case Video

Ajeb said they were planning to appeal the sentence, which runs from the date she was first detained, November 25.

Gibbons, 54, is being held in a woman’s prison in the Omdurman district of Khartoum and she will be deported at the end of her prison term, British consular officials in the city told CNN.

Embassy staff said they were giving the teacher, from the northern British city of Liverpool, full consular assistance


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