Thanksgiving Offensive To Native Americans According To Seattle School District

A little political corrections to be served with this year’s Thanksgiving Dinner in Washington State… This liberal agenda that runs our education system in this country is really tearing at the roots of our country.

Please send a Happy Thanksgiving greeting to Ms. Hollins and Mr. Tucker, I think they really need one.

As rebuttal to Ms. Hollins claim that Thanksgiving is a time of mourning, this is from the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, the decendants of the Wampanoag that celebrated the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims.

On November 9th in the year 1620, when 102 weary pilgrims from Plymouth, England first stepped foot on what would later be called American soil, it was the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe that welcomed them to the New World in the sprit of peace and brotherhood. It was this ancient and noble tribe that taught the Pilgrims to survive and flourish in their new home, playing host to them at the first Thanksgiving in 1621. When the time came for the early settlers to venture into the interior, it was the Mashpee who acted as advisors, guiding them into the vast and untamed land. Since that historic period the Mashpee Wampanoag have proudly served their tribal community and their fellow citizens in the town of Mashpee, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the United States of America as neighbors and friends. Today, the Mashpee (whose name evolved from the aboriginal name Massippie, meaning “Land of the Great Cove”) have the largest native population in Massachusetts. With approximately 1,500 members, the tribe has lived on its native homeland since at least the time of European contact in the early 16th century. The Mashpee pride themselves in honoring a heritage that predates American Independence by 125 years. This heritage is exemplified by community buildings such as the Old Indian Meeting House in the town of Mashpee, which has the distinction of being the oldest church on historic Cape Cod and the oldest Indian church in the United States

Well to all in the Seattle School District, especially Caprice Hollins and David Tucker


Seattle public schools want a side of political correctness served on your Thanksgiving table.

Washington state’s largest school district sent letters to teachers and other employees suggesting Thanksgiving should be “a time of mourning” for its Native American students.

Click here to view the report from FOX News’ Dan Springer.

The memo, from Caprice Hollins, the district’s director of Equity, Race & Learning Support, included an attachment to a paper titled “Deconstructing the Myths of ‘The First Thanksgiving.'”

It includes 11 “myths” disputing everything from what was served at the first Thanksgiving (no mashed potatoes or cranberries) and who provided the food to the nature of the Pilgrims themselves: Myth No. 3 calls the colonists “rigid fundamentalists” who came to the New World “fully intending to take the land away from its native inhabitants.”

Click here to read the “myths.”

But what got the Internet abuzz was Myth No. 11: “Thanksgiving is a happy time.” It was followed by “Fact: For many Indian people, ‘Thanksgiving’ is a time of mourning … a bitter reminder of 500 years of betrayal returned for friendship.”

Hollins would not defend her letter, but David Tucker, a spokesman for the district, said it was an effort to be sensitive to minorities in Seattle schools.

“One of the core elements in education is not just understanding your own life history but also those of others,” he said.

But one Seattle-area tribe says Thanksgiving is not somber on the reservation but a time to see friends and family, as it is for other Americans.

Native Americans in the Northwest celebrate the holiday with turkey and salmon, said Daryl Williams of the Tulalip Tribes. Before the period of bitter and violent relationships between natives and their culturally European counterparts, they worked together to survive, he said.

“The spirit of Thanksgiving, of people working together to help each other, is the spirit I think that needs to grow in this country, because this country has gotten very divisive,” he said.

Nationally syndicated talk show host Michael Medved was more blunt.

“The notion that now you have a major school system sending out a message that, no, rather than expressing thanks we should emphasize guilt on this holiday — that is sick, it is destructive and it is anti-American.”

Seattle Public Schools has been in the news before, not always for the performance of its students.

The U.S. Department of Education investigated in April after the district spent part of a federal Smaller Learning Communities grant to send 20 students to the “Eighth Annual White Privilege Conference.”

After complaints last year, the district removed from its Web site a definition of racism that claimed planning ahead and individualism were examples of cultural racism.


7 Responses

  1. Until we disband the ACLU, CAIR and the like, this is going to continue… we are simply seeing the 60’s hippies in charge now, hopefully it will pass,,,

  2. I just emailed them both

  3. Glen Arval Spivey is part Native American and he celebrates Thanksgiving. He is the Mr. Fix-it man.

  4. Wait a minute, some Native Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. I do not care what race they are, they should gave thanks.

  5. Cliff Friend is a touch of Native American blood in him and he celebrates Thanksgiving Cliff’s father, Luke Friend is a direct descendant of Israel and a Native American woman.

  6. Ironically, Orville Nix shot the JFK film before Thanksgiving, and Nix himself is part Native American due to the relationship of Betsy Walkingstick, a Native American woman and he celebrates Thanksgiving.

  7. Charles Joseph Bybee is of Native American heritage and remember him for saving a woman’s life from death!

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