Gitmo Prison Handling Manual – Updated

Someone has leaked to the press a 2003 manual of how to manage prisoners being held in Guatanemo. The liberals are sure to jump all over this one, because allegedly there is a section described as instructions that some prisoners should not have access to the International Red Cross… Now I would like to see the whole entry on that to see it’s actual context… It could simply be that for a certain probationary time this is not allowed, just like the manual says that some prisoners should be kept in near isolation when they first arrive. During the need for initial interrogation of people that pose a threat, I can see the need to isolate them in order to get information from them, this isolation would also include outside agencies…

The parts of the manual being report on strongly support the governments stance that it treats the prisoners humanly and does not use torture… Then again the liberals have redefined torture to include talking to prisoners to get information…. Let’s not forget who these people are and the circumstance around their apprehension…

Guantanamo manual leaked on web

US guards at Guantanamo Bay prison - 9/10/2007

The manual prohibits abuse or corporal punishment of prisoners

A US military operating manual for the Guantanamo prison camp dating from 2003 has been released on the internet.The 238-page manual gives precise instructions for guards on handling prisoners and running the camp.

The US military said the manual seemed authentic but was out of date and should not have been publicly released.

About 340 prisoners are still held at Guantanamo, which was opened in 2002 to detain people suspected of terrorism or links to al-Qaeda or the Taleban.

Allegations of abuse at the camp have been lodged by detainees, their lawyers and human rights groups.

Calls from both within the US and around the world to close the camp have gone unanswered.

Abuse prohibited

A US military spokesman said the manual was not classified but was meant for official use only.

Detainee at Guantanamo Bay

There are still about 340 detainees at Guantanamo

The spokesman, Lt Col Ed Bush, said the rules “have evolved significantly” since 2003.

The document prohibits abuse or corporal punishment but says new detainees should be held in near isolation for their first two weeks.

One section of the manual says some detainees should not have access to visitors from the International Committee of the Red Cross, something the US military has denied.

Precise instructions are given on how to search a prisoner’s cell, and how to pepper spray an unruly detainee.

Four pages are taken up to explain how new prisoners should be taken off the plane they arrive on and transported to the main prison camp.

A large new complex is being built at Guantanamo Bay where the US plans to hold military tribunals for about 80 of the detainees.

The liberals are going to be quite disappointed in the Camp Delta SOP manual as it does not encourage, condone, suggest, or even mention torture. The one section the liberal fourth column tried to grab onto is really insignificant. As I suspected the restriction of International Redcross staff is limited to the first two weeks, whie the initial interrogations are occuring… From Page 4.3

 Camp Delta SOP Manual - Page 4.3

The rest of the manual can be read here… Again nothing out of the ordinary… The liberal media just tried to start the fires again not knowing what was really there hoping the masses would react the way they did.


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