Al Qaeda Internet Attack a Bust

It would appear that Al Qaeda’s Internet attack is non-existant. Speculation leading up to 11/11 was that there were more tech savy Al Qaeda supports, however as 11/11 passed and now 11/12 has pretty much passed, with no major Internet disruptions, it would appear either they do not have the support on the Internet front that authorities feared or their operatives on the Internet front are not all that good. I am sure much effort was expended by authorities, and maybe they did enough damage to the enemy, however I don’t really see that as being a big part in preventing such an attack, but rather taking down exisiting extremist sites.

As the next few days pass, we will see if maybe there is something lurking in the background that is gaining momentum, however again I doubt this, as that is not the typical operating tactic of groups such as these.

I think this was more of a propoganda stunt to try and lash back at the recent take down of Al Qaeda sites and arrests of of site operators preaching violence.


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