Al Qaeda 11/11 Attack Still Pending

Over the course of the next week, Al Qaeda’s 11/11 attack is still a go ahead. There seems to be a consensus that they will attempt something, how successful or how large scale is to be determined. American Congress for Truth has some interesting points to make in a couple of posts…

The first part is a translation of outlines Al Qaeda’s MO

EXCLUSIVE!! Joe Shahda translates “Jihadi Battalions to Attack Internet”

shahda-smaller-pic.jpgby Jerry Gordon

Earlier, today, we posted my interview with Joseph Shahda about fighting Internet Jihadis. We also posted a DEBKAfile report on the al Qaeda ’swarm’ attack announced for November 11th in retribution for having had websites ‘blanked out on October 30th. I asked Shahda if he had seen any prior warnings of this impending event. He had on October 1, 2007. Shahda has translated the following message from one of the major Jihadi Internet forums “AL Ekhlass” with this call to Jihadi hackers to form up and attack us in this cyberwar.Read his translation and be concerned about the security of your websites and chat rooms. They mean to do us harm. As this translation by Shahda indicates, the Internet Jihadis have been given their orders to form up to ‘go into action’. Of interest is that bin Laden has chosen November 11th, Veteran’s Day here in the US. Could it be that they will strike at ‘the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” that marked the end of the Great War, WWI? It also marked the beginning of the end of the last Caliphate-the Ottomon Empire. Stay tuned for more information.Translation by Joseph ShahdaBeginning of the translation:

….From this blessed forum I call on to the formation of “Jihadi Battalions to Attack the Internet” for the triumph of truth in the age of darkness so contribute with us in establishing these blessed Battalions.

A. The definition of “Jihadi Battalions to Attack the Internet”:

They are large group made from faithful members who love the truth and want the triumph of the religion and their job is to bring the truth to large segments in the world that do not have the full truth or get the real truth, and to do so by using the available means or create new methods.

B. The mission of “Jihadi Battalions to Attack the Internet”:

Spreading the truth of the muslim nation, of Jihad, and of Mujahedeen to the world and in particular to the place that live in darkness.

C. The vision of “Jihadi Battalions to Attack the Internet”:

Our vision is to draw a map of the world internet and reach 85% of the internet users, for example we see that the “Messenger Program” is used by approximately 99.9% of the internet users therefore we want to establish our own “Jihadi Messenger Program” to enter each house in the world.

The types of “Jihadi Battalions to Attack the Internet”:

1. The Information Battalions:

Formation of battalions in different languages to gather information about the threads posted in the islamic forum in all languages and non ilsmaic forums, as well as the youth forums in general and the islamic in particular.

2. Hacking Battalions:

The formation of Hackers groups from among the Moujahedeen to study the method of hacking the forums and develop new hacking methods.

3. Literature Attack Battalions:

The formation of writers groups from among our brothers to publish their old and new writings in all the forums presented by the Information Battalions.

4. E-mailing Battalions

The formation of groups from among the brothers to send all what is being published by the Moujahedeen in particular the “Sahab” and “Furqan” institutes to all e-mail boxes and here we pay a standing ovation to our brothers in “Al Nusara E-mail” because they were first in this domain but this time we not only send e-mail to who register his e-mail address but also to all humanity.

5. The Research and Development Battalions

The formation of the Research and Development Battalions to research, develop, and create new method to spread the information to the largest possible number of people or figure out the active people to send them the information.

6. The Advocacy Battalions:

The formation of advocacy battalions to call on people to join the “Jihadi Battalions to Attack the Internet”

7. Production Battalions:

The formation of battalions from among the brothers who are specialized on audio, video, flashes, and banners production to support the blessed battalions in its publications and to support the Advocacy battalions in its mission.

8. Translation Battalions:

The formation of translators battalions to translate from Arabic to the main languages or to other languages

9. The Security and Technical Battalions:

The formation of battalions form among the technical experts of forums and chat rooms and the security of the internet so they can from private chat rooms for each battalion and these chat rooms is not for visitors or reading or commenting but for the members of the battalions to discuss how to divide the work among themselves.

…….. Important Note:

Sheikh Osama may allah protect him said: “90% of the battle is through the media and the remaining is through weapons”.

End of the Translation

The second piece is a what to do if you are a victim… What is more notable in this piece is the end of the commentary, where they discuss Al Qaeda’s sypathizers who are now more computer savvy than during their last attempt.

How to protect your Computer when al Qaeda ’strikes’ the Internet

by Jerry Gordon

al-qaeda-internet-warrior-logo.jpgLast Night, Brigitte Gabriel and I held a fascinating discussion with heroic internet sleuth Joseph Shahda. We discussed some things that in the days and weeks ahead will involve some of Shahda’s skills and expertise. Over time they will emerge. We believe that his alliance will make a difference for ACT members.Let’s take Shahda’s translation of an al Qaeda wannabee forum call to form up battalions of Jihadi hackers, translators and propagandists to attack a number of anti-Jihadi and commercial web sites, possibly on November 11th. Anyone who read it would be stunned. We sent it on to the office of Senator Joe Lieberman in Washington, DC and within minutes we got a reply that they would pass it along to him for reading. Senator Lieberman held a hearing on Muslim Extremists websites earlier this year. So, despite the bafflegab from internet security and intelligence community ‘experts’ – the Senator is acutely aware of the threat. He is ,after all, Chairman of the Senate Home Land Security Committee and honorary co-chairman along with Senator Jon Kyle (R-AZ) of the Committee on the Present Danger.That demonstrates some of ACT networking expertise developed over the past several years that can and does make a difference.

But we didn’t stop there. We asked an ACT member and computer wizard, Jan Poller to provide some basic information to protect your computers in the event of a possible al Qaeda cyberwar attack.

Here are Poller’s comments and suggestions:

With the al Qaeda threat to attack websites, we have to take steps to protect ourselves. The most important protection that you can do is have adequate backup. Here are the steps that I suggest that everyone take:

1. Make daily backups of your website.

2. Store the backup on a CD or DVD. CD’s and DVD’s can’t be changed like the data on your hard drive.

3. Do not destroy backups because you could be hit by a time bomb, set to go off in the future. If you have to restore data, you don’t know how far back you will have to go.

4. Most web site programs have a developmental site on your computer and reference the actual site on the web site hosting computer. How you treat these is critical.

a. Do not automatically copy or synchronize changes from the hosting computer to your developmental computer.

b. I use Microsoft’s “Web Expressions” web site developmental program. It allows you to see any changes that have been made locally on your developmental web site and remotely on the actual Internet site. If your program (Perl, etc.) allows you to see changes, monitor them daily.

5. Assume that web sites like ACT for America, American Congress for Truth, Atlas Shrugs, Jihad Watch, and dozens of others will be attacked.

Should you take this al Qaeda threat seriously? In our discussions with Shahda last night, he noted how educated and computer literate are many of the al Qaeda supporters he’s found in their chat rooms. Remember, a few years ago, the world wide disruption of the commercial banking and credit card system, when a lone Fillipino hacker causing chaos and economic damages. Well, multiply him by 50 to 100 and you’ll get the message about how seriously to take threats like the November 11th, al Qaeda cyber war.

Many thanks for Shahda for his work in uncovering this al Qaeda cyber threat and Poller’s suggestions about how to defend yourself in the event that the Internet is attacked. Notwithstanding the “Hacker Safe” label you see on our front page, the ACT websites could be “blanked” out and your system could be infected with viruses eating up your data and scooping up your identity and electronic address book. Jarring thoughts that should spur ACT members to undertake simple steps to protect your computers in the event of a al Qaeda cyber attack on the Internet.



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  2. There is a prophecy (vision) of a Mormon prophet, George Albert Smith, many years ago that when a person of Greek or perhaps (Foreign) extraction is elected the U.S. President there will be a nuclear attack on America on a U.S. Holiday after he is elected but before he comes into office. Could this be referring to president-elect Obama? Could this be on 11 November, this coming Veteran’s day. Could it not be much, much more than a cyber attack? I guess we’ll find out this coming Tuesday. The world doesn’t feel right. I’m preparing myself for anything to happen. I just don’t feel that things are right with America.

  3. Pls let us know anything else you learn about this. It would be miraculous if we could stop a coming nuclear attack. Many Thanks, Robert

  4. Everyone in the world is thrilled that America elected Barack Obama ! There was dancing and American flag-waving on streets that more recently have been burning American flags (both abroad and in San Francisco). It looks like America will

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