Syria’s Nuke Facility So Secret Army Didn’t Know It Existed

Syria’s government apparrently kept information on the nuclear facility that Israel destroyed, such a secret that it’s own military did not know it existed. Plausible deniability and prevent of leaks about it’s existance seem the most likely reason for such a covert operation. Fortunately this left the facility unprotected and thus the Israel commandos were able to paint targets for the F-16s to strike with ease.

Report: Syria gov’t kept nuke facility secret from army to avoid leaks
By Haaretz Service
tags: Syria, Israel 
Syria’s said nuclear facility allegedly bombed by Israel two months ago was kept so secret that the government in Damascus did not inform its own army of its existence, Aviation Week magazine on Saturday quoted Israeli officials as saying. Because the Syrian army was kept out of the loop, anti-aircraft batteries were not positioned around the facility rendering it vulnerable to attack by air, the unnamed source said. The U.S. publication said Israel used an array of sophisticated technological tools ranging from satellites to anti-electronic warfare to plan and carry out the alleged bombing of the complex in northern Syria, said to be built with the aid of North Korea.


A previous report by ABC claimed Israel had obtained detailed pictures of the Syrian complex from an apparent mole. ABC, citing a senior U.S. official, said the person had provided several pictures of the complex from the ground, and Israel showed the images to the CIA. The U.S. spy agency helped pinpoint “drop points” to assist in potential targeting, ABC said. Israel urged the United States to destroy the complex, but Washington hesitated because no fissionable material was found that would prove the site was nuclear, ABC said


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