Obama Paid $130,000 for Missing Votes

Obama has missed 80% of Senate votes since September. People if IL wake up, this guy is milking you. He has little concern for his current job, what is he going to do as President. There is a year left until the Presidential Election and two  months after that before the elected President takes office, 14 months in all, what will Obama do during the next 14 months… Suck up more money while he campaigns.

This is a crime. Yet he continues to raise funds for his campaign at the taxpayers expense. People, demand your Senator do his job first.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Since the U.S. Senate returned from its August receess, Sen. Barack Obama has missed more votes than another other Democrat running for the White House — nearly 80 percent since September. Congressional Correspondent Jessica Yellin has this report from Capitol Hill.

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3 Responses

  1. I am worried sick of Obama’s phenonomena.

    I am living in a white people’s district, but doing business in black peoples. I deal with many senstive issues with blacks. I find in most of them that they are not senstive in doing honest work. Obama’s missing his job in 80 percent does demonstrate a tyical symptom by the blacks.

    Imagine to place him in the nation’s top job, and would not do his job for what he was elected, and cloning his influences with noisy black activities. It is scary just to think about. 14 percent of them are making more than 41 percent of the nations problem; Most of the nation ‘s jails are flooded by black prisoners.

    If he could not perform what he was elected for, he should resign it.


  2. If you look at the rest of the presidential candidates they have missed their fair share as well. If you want to beat the political machine that is Hilary Clinton, you have to make some sacrifices. If you look at the votes he actually missed I highly doubt his one vote would have changed anything. If it is important for him to be there he will.

  3. Tom, He has has missed 80%, I doubt anyone come close to that. As for betting Hillary, it will take a lot more than just stumping. He has missed important votes, and maybe his vote would not have changed it, but then again maybe it would have. The key is he, as a Senator, is responsible for being present for these votes in order to represent the people that elected him, regardless of the outcome of the vote.
    A typical liberal response to responsible voting is, one vote doesn’t make a difference. I hope you do not take that philosophy when the 2008 Presidential elections come around or your party is screwed.

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