Hamas’ Al Qassam Brigade Preparing to Attack Israel

I wonder if the Gaza Strip Boys will be joining in the the fun??? Hamas’ Military wing is ready to attack Israel in a large scale attack. I guess Hamas thinks because they can kick the hell out of Fatah that they are equals for battle against Israel. If this should take place, I think Gaza will be reoccupied. I am just waiting for the liberals to scream that this is all a plot by Israel…

The Al-Qassam Brigades are preparing to start attacking the Israelis inside their territories if the Israelis do not stop targeted assassinations against Palestinians, a Hamas leader announced on Tuesday.

Sheikh Nimir Hamdan said that he had met with the general commander of the Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas movement, Muhammad Daif.

He said Daif told him, “The Al-Qassam Brigades are preparing within a few weeks to start attacking the Israelis inside their territories instead of taking a defensive position only.”

The electronic website of Palestine Live stated that Hamdan quoted Daif as saying that “The Al-Qassam Brigades will strike the Israeli occupying entity very strongly if the targeted killings against Palestinians and the incursions into West Bank and Gaza Strip do not stop.”

Muhammad Daif has survived several assassination attempts by the Israelis.


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