Neo-Communism, the New Face of the Democratic Party

I think American Thinker’s article speaks for itself… It is a long read, but well worth it. I am only going to post a few snippets, you will have to visit American Thinker for the whole article.

There is a compelling factual case to be made that the contemporary radical Left can properly be called “Neocommunist.” The Hard Left is grounded in Marxist vision of creating a “new man” under a system led by a vanguard that knows best what the rest of society needs. And Neocommies behave in patterns with startling parallels to Old Communist tactics.

The Neocommies are not members of a Communist Party, and are part more of a movement than a conspiracy. They are utterly different from traditional liberalism in America and Europe. Traditional liberals were democratic — people like Hubert Humphrey, Scoop Jackson and Harry Truman. They fought passionately against the Totalitarian Left, as Ronald Reagan did when he was president of the Screen Actors Guild. Reagan started as a democratic liberal, and became the most famous conservative of the 20th century. As he said so often, he didn’t leave the Democratic Party — it left him.

Over time, the Democrats became more totalitarian in spirit and practice after the first wave of the New Left started its takeover of the Party in the 1970s and 80s. Half a century ago, true liberal Democrats like Harry Truman told Americans the truth about Stalin and the new Cold War  — and were hated for it by the Hard Left. The American Labor movement was dominated by true liberals like George Meaney, who earned their positions by expelling Communist infiltrators, and in some cases throwing out entire Stalinist unions like the Longshoremen’s Union.


The Historical Communist Conspiracy

We now have a great deal of factual evidence about the Communist conspiracies that were part of longest struggle against totalitarianism in the 20th century, much longer than the war against the Nazis. The struggle against Soviet Communism was a seven decade Long War. There was ample time to develop covert networks.

The new evidence comes from Communist archives that were opened after the fall of the Soviet Empire around 1990. It shows that the anti-Communist Right was quite accurate in its diagnosis of the disease. Former Communists like George Orwell, Arthur Koestler and Whittaker Chambers were telling the truth.  


The Academy

Today’s Neocommunists prefer to call themselves Marxists, which has again become a respected word on college campuses. But Marxism is Communist ideology. What else could it be? If you read carefully, Neocommunism is really out there, only slightly disguised. Just as Soviet propaganda insisted America was rotten to the core, so does the Hard Left and the institutions it controls parrot the line. The People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn, now a favorite history textbook in the colleges, is proud to “revise” everything we think we know about America, from the true people’s point of view. 


Jew-Hating: Seems like old times

A new Stalin-Nazi alliance is alive in Europe and parts of the US, as Leftists openly ally themselves with Islamic Fascists. Islamists worship Allah and the Leftists worship atheism, but the ideological differences are not that big compared to the Hitler-Stalin Pact. Common enemies and common goals overcome doctrinal differences, to be worked out later.

The difference becomes even smaller when you put a sharp sword at the throats of the Left.



Anti-Americanism has come roaring back like a bad rash,  flaring up after years of remission. Anti-American rage is pervasive on our Left and the dominant media. (But I repeat myself, as Mark Twain might have said).

In Europe most of the major media — Der Spiegel, Stern, Le Monde, the Guardian, the BBC News — make a specialty of slamming America, with Israel thrown in as the Little Satan.   


Who the Hard Leftists are

The history of NeoCommunism is well known. It starts with the 68’ers in Europe  — les Soixant-huiteurs, named after the 1968 student riots, which served as the major agitprop opportunity. Radicalized youth were created and went on to careers in poltiics. People such as former German Socialist Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who now literally works for the Russians, bought by the giant oil monopoly Gazprom. German anarchist and Green politician Joschka Fischer actually has now turned against his old comrades.  Where have we seen this before?

In the US, of course, the NeoCommunists were the Sixties Radicals who decided to carry on a “Long March through the Institutions.” That means the college faculties, the high schools, the media, Hollywood, and government. Today, major foundations started by Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie have turned Hard Left. Capitalist money is turned against the very engines of prosperity.

Hillary Clinton’s puppy love for Saul Alinsky, when she was a college student in the Sixties, is symbolic of the way the “new” radicals fell in love with the old, hard-line Communists.  Hillary Clinton started her adult life as a millenarian zealot, following the old prophet of radicalism. It’s anybody’s guess what she believes today, but I suspect it’s not the Methodism of her youth. The methods of the Democratic Party today are taken straight out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook.



The methods of Neocommunism parallel those of Old Communism to an astonishing degree.

The routine use of orchestrated group lying (so that many different people are  suddenly making the same accusation);

The constant use of innocent-sounding front groups like and Media Matters;

The use of stooges (like military retirees, both real and phony);


Will the Evil Empire Strike Back?

The biggest difference between Old and New Marxism today is that NeoCommunists don’t control the Soviet Empire. The Left has turned that to its advantage, however. It is no longer possible to accuse them of being run by the Soviets. They will tell you they are patriotic Americans, which is very true, if you adopt their belief that America must be subjected to a Leftist regime for its own good. What’s good for the international Left is good for America. Just ask them, very politely. It’s not a secret. 



The ideological goals of NeoCommunism have not changed one bit, which is why the term “communism” is so accurate. The sucker goal is to create Paradise on Earth by overthrowing democratic capitalism. The real goal is to enable the rise of a new ruling class with huge power over ordinary people.  One reason that NeoCommunists have so much in common with Islamic Fascists is that both fantasize about the same millenarian end: Islamists also hate democratic capitalism, and they also want to take over the world for a purer, more idealistic tyranny. Check out Saudi Arabia and Iran for some good examples.


After the fall of the Soviet Empire, the Left changed tactics but not goals. In Europe the result was called the “Third Way,” and it is the controlling ideology of the European Union today. The “Third Way” claims to be a compromise between capitalism and Communism, but it comes down to sucking resources from relatively free markets for the sake of centralized State power and control. EU propaganda is just recycled socialist propaganda. You can easily see it on the web.

It is no accident that the United Kingdom today is surrendering its national sovereignty to the European Union as fast as possible: The socialist ruling classes in the UK know they will merge seamlessly into the EU elites, at higher salaries, bigger perks, and much more power.  The UK elites are simply planning to join the new ruling class of the emerging European Empire. It’s a promotion they just can’t turn down.



6 Responses

  1. what a load of crap this article is you guys are so paranoid. As if they changed tactics i prefer communism than capitalism but i take the stance against the USSR and the USA. Because there is no difference when there are super powers. Essentially the fundamental principles of communism are more moral than capitalism. Why because capitalism is just a system of the economy that’s all its not a political ideology.

  2. Julio please come back when you have something somewhat intelligent to say…

  3. Because our schools do not teach history anymore.
    Very few people have heard about Clinton Roosevelt. Old Clinton was a distant cousin to Presidents Teddie and FDR. He lived from 1814 to 1898. He was co counder of the equal rights party in the 1830s and 1840s which became the Socialist Party in 1901. In 1841 he wrote a little know booklet which has had a lasting effect on our country and the world. Science of Government Founded in Natural Law. Karl Marx borrowed freely from Clinton’s booklet since Clinton was one of the people providing money to the Communist League in the 1840s, along with Horce Greely the founder and publisher of the New York Tribute. Cousin FDR used Cousin Clinton’s plan of the Marshalls for his New Deal’s NRA. Comrade Obama is using it for his CZAR today. Check it out you can find the booklet on the internet. He would forgets history will repeat it.

  4. I read some posts here every now and then but this is top one i’ve read so far

  5. I hope some democrats read this and realize just exactly what they are supporting. It’s about time they admitted to themselves what trash they are involved with.

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