Muslim Medical Students Islamomatic Oath

The BMA, has confirmed that Muslim medical students and professionals have been allowed to hijack the medical field in Britain. It is kind of funny, they have no restriction on who they are going to kill, but they are so concerned about who they will help. As a Doctor, they are bound to help anyone that needs it…

But then again, look at the last batch of terrorist doctors that attacked England.

They are changing the rules to suit themselves with everything from selecting which disease they will learn about to refusal of patients based on gender. They have taken the Hippocratic Oath and thrown it away.

The new Islamomatic Oath:

I swear by Allah, the One True God, by Mohammad, Ahmadinejad and Osama and I take to witness all the terrorists, all the martyrs, to keep according to my ability and my judgment, the following Oath.

“To consider dear to me as my parents him who taught me this art; to live in common with him and if necessary to blow him up in a public place; to sacrifice his children as my own brothers, to teach them the art if they so desire without fee or written promise; to impart to my sons and the sons of the master who taught me and the martyrs who have enrolled themselves and have agreed to the die in the name of Allah, but to these alone the precepts and the instruction. I will prescribe regimen for the good of fellow Muslims according to my ability and my judgement and do harm to those that are infidels. To please no one will I build a bomb that does not explode. Nor will I give a woman permission to take off her burka in public. But I will preserve the purity of my life and my art. I will imbed nails in every bomb I build, even when the target is civilians;

Some Muslim medical students are refusing to attend lectures or answer exam questions on alcohol-related or sexually transmitted diseases because they claim it offends their religious beliefs.

Some trainee doctors say learning to treat the diseases conflicts with their faith, which states that Muslims should not drink alcohol and rejects sexual promiscuity.

A small number of Muslim medical students have even refused to treat patients of the opposite sex. One male student was prepared to fail his final exams rather than carry out a basic examination of a female patient.

The religious objections by students have been confirmed by the British Medical Association (BMA) and General Medical Council (GMC), which both stressed that they did not approve of such actions.

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It will intensify the debate sparked last week by the disclosure that Sainsbury’s is permitting Muslim checkout operators to refuse to handle customers’ alcohol purchases on religious grounds. It means other members of staff have to be called over to scan in wine and beer for them at the till.

Critics, including many Islamic scholars, see the concessions as a step too far, and say Muslims are reneging on their professional responsibilities.

This weekend, however, it emerged that Sainsbury’s is also allowing its Muslim pharmacists to refuse to sell the morning-after pill to customers. At a Sainsbury’s store in Nottingham, a pharmacist named Ahmed declined to provide the pill to a female reporter posing as a customer. A colleague explained to her that Ahmed did not sell the pill for “ethical reasons”. Boots also permits pharmacists to refuse to sell the pill on ethical grounds.

The BMA said it had received reports of Muslim students who did not want to learn anything about alcohol or the effects of overconsumption. “They are so opposed to the consumption of it they don’t want to learn anything about it,” said a spokesman.

The GMC said it had received requests for guidance over whether students could “omit parts of the medical curriculum and yet still be allowed to graduate”. Professor Peter Rubin, chairman of the GMC’s education committee, said: “Examples have included a refusal to see patients who are affected by diseases caused by alcohol or sexual activity, or a refusal to examine patients of a particular gender.”

He added that “prejudicing treatment on the grounds of patients’ gender or their responsibility for their condition would run counter to the most basic principles of ethical medical practice”.

Shazia Ovaisi, a GP in north London, said one of her male Muslim contemporaries at medical school failed to complete his training because he refused to examine a woman patient as part of his final exams.

“He was academically gifted, one of the best students, but gradually he got in with certain Islamic groups and started to become more radical,” said Ovaisi.

“You could see there was a change in his personality as time went by. During the final exams he was supposed to treat a female patient in hospital. He refused to do it, even though it would have been a very basic examination, nothing intrusive.

“But he refused and as a result he failed his exams. I was quite shocked and disappointed about it because I don’t see there being anything in our religion that prohibits us from examining male and female patients.”

Both the Muslim Council of Britain and Muslim Doctors and Dentist Association said they were aware of students opting out but did not support them.

Dr Abdul Majid Katme, of the Islamic Medical Association, said: “To learn about alcohol, to learn about sexually transmitted disease, to learn about abortion, it gives us more evidence to campaign against it. There is a difference between learning and practising.

“It is obligatory for Muslim doctors and students to learn about everything. The prophet said, ‘Learn about witchcraft, but don’t practise it’.”


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  1. you should respect that because it is a religion and stuf for some one else ! , if you don’t like it that’s your problem !

    I am sorry but your tone is very mean !

    that is not a good beaver from you :L

    • Any sensible human being who reads your comments will know that its all MADE UP (especially the Oath)- I can see that you have time on your hands, go find a translated Qur’an and read it and then tell me that you found a single contradicting thing. Its so perfect and it will make you delete everything you wrote above. Peace!

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