Russia & Iran Prepare for War With US/Israel

Some key points:

  1. Russia is really selling a lot of stuff to Iran and has been for quite some time, including equipment for the enrichment of nuclear fuel, not to mention the help of building and setting up the sites. Russia does not want us to go into Iran for a reason…
  2. North Korea has been heavily involved in the region of late and have brought nuclear material to Syria. They are in communications/negotiations with Syria and Iran…
  3. The Israeli raid on Syria & N. Korea’s nuclear stocks was a show of capabilities. There is nothing between Israel and Iran to stop them or us. Syria’s air defense is useless, we will provide open flight space for Israel over Iraq.
  4. The Dwarf should be home my the end of Ramadan…After the impression he made while he was in the US and the recent threats by his government against the US, he is definitely feeling the heat.

This is a translation from Original text at the bottom.

Mind you this is speculation, however there does seem to some strong indication of possibility.

The French newspaper the connected Duck affirms, in its edition of Wednesday, which there would be a plan of attack israélo-American against Iran. The newspaper indicates that in fact the Russian secret service discovered this plan. The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, would have already informed the Iranian authorities.

Initially, Israeli aviation would carry out raids against the Iranian nuclear sites. The American plane-radars would guide and protègeraient these raids. Thereafter, the United States Air Force would take the relai, according to results’ obtained, supports the newspaper.

The Russian secret service even specifies that the attacks would take place between the end of the Ramadan, that is to say towards mid-October, and the beginning of the year 2008. Let us recall that the Security Council of UNO gave to the Islamic Republic until December 2007 so that it makes it possible the International Atomic Energy Agency to carry out new controls of its nuclear sites.

The article of connected Duck also states that the French secret service observed an important delivery of weapons from Moscow in Teheran. They would be anti-ship batteries of missiles, anti-aircraft missiles and helicopters.

Always according to sources’ of the French secret service quoted by the newspaper, American plane-radars AWACS and of the Israeli planes carried out several exits near the Iranian targets.

The mysterious Israeli raid counters Syria, last on September 6, could be seen as a repetition before a possible attack against Iran.

The nationalist daily newspaper panarabe Al-Qods Al-Arabi, published in London, had evoked, a few days ago, an American attack against Iran. According to the author of the article, there would be indices which leave think that Teheran will be the next target one of Washington.

Among the indices advanced by the author, the fact that George Bush used the terms of “nuclear holocaust” is a warning in Teheran so that it ceases enriching by uranium; the presence of Nicolas Sarkozy as a new ally of Washington leaves the vacant place left by the ex-first Tony Blair minister; finally, the signature by Saudi Arabia of a contract of some 5 billion with an American company to involve and equip some 35 000 men charged to protect the Saoudi oil installations.

 Original Text

Téhéran sera-t-il attaqué?

Le journal français Le Canard enchaîné affirme, dans son édition de mercredi, qu’il existerait un plan d’attaque israélo-américain contre l’Iran. Le journal indique que ce sont les services secrets russes qui ont découvert ce plan. Le président russe, Vladimir Poutine, aurait déjà informé les autorités iraniennes.

Dans un premier temps, l’aviation israélienne effectuerait des raids contre les sites nucléaires iraniens. Les avions-radars américains guideraient et protègeraient ces raids. Par la suite, l’aviation américaine prendrait le relai, selon les résultats obtenus, soutient le journal.

Les services secrets russes précisent même que les attaques auraient lieu entre la fin du ramadan, soit vers la mi-octobre, et le début de l’année 2008. Rappelons que le Conseil de sécurité de l’ONU a donné à la République islamique jusqu’à décembre 2007 pour qu’elle permette à l’Agence internationale de l’énergie atomique d’effectuer de nouveaux contrôles de ses sites nucléaires.

L’article du Canard enchaîné indique également que les services secrets français ont observé une importante livraison d’armes de Moscou à Téhéran. Il s’agirait de batteries de missiles antinavires, de missiles antiaériens et d’hélicoptères.

Toujours selon des sources des services secrets français cités par le journal, les avions-radars américains AWACS et des avions israéliens ont effectué plusieurs sorties à proximité des cibles iraniennes.

Le mystérieux raid israélien contre la Syrie, le 6 septembre dernier, pourrait être vu comme une répétition avant une éventuelle attaque contre l’Iran.

Le quotidien nationaliste panarabe Al-Qods Al-Arabi, édité à Londres, avait évoqué, il y a quelques jours, une attaque américaine contre l’Iran. Selon l’auteur de l’article, il existerait des indices qui laissent à penser que Téhéran sera la prochaine cible de Washington.

Parmi les indices avancés par l’auteur, le fait que George Bush ait utilisé les termes d’« holocauste nucléaire » est un avertissement à Téhéran pour qu’il cesse d’enrichir de l’uranium; la présence de Nicolas Sarkozy en tant que nouvel allié de Washington laisse la place laissée vacante par l’ex-premier ministre Tony Blair; enfin, la signature par l’Arabie saoudite d’un contrat de de quelque 5 milliards avec une société américaine pour entraîner et équiper quelque 35 000 hommes chargés de protéger les installations pétrolières saoudiennes.


4 Responses

  1. Dumbass question. Do you see the US influencing potential arms sales to its advantage by political harassment of the competitions’ clientele ?

  2. Opit, can you clarify what you are getting at, there are a couple of different angles that could be directed too.

  3. That’s o.k. There are angles on angles here.

    I don’t much go with any proposal about a so-called “liberal” press when it’s all owned by big business – and the military and private contractors are busy flogging bullshit galore. Just so you know where I’m coming from.

    Policy as followed by the United States is inconsistent and dysfunctional : unless one takes the idea that it is based on the idea of intimidation, regime change, war profiteering, and first-person control of oil territory. Then suddenly it all clicks. If I listen to nothing of what Bush et al say and just look at what they have done, I see a program of destruction of foreign cultures and peoples, utilizing terror, torture, kidnap, bombing, invasion, propaganda….the whole nine yards.

    I just get sick of people either denying the obvious or trying to posit stupidity as a cause for the horror.

    Proof ? What would you like ? Cheney said himself invading Iraq would cause grief. The NIE submitted by 16 American Intelligence prior to the ‘surge’ predicted no good would come of it. Funding for permanent U.S. bases was deliberately not authorized – yet they were built.

    Syria and Iran are said to be indispensable to peace in the Middle East. So their representative to Iraq – there at Iraqi request – are hauled off to the tender mercies of U.S. interrogators.

    Abu Ghraib and Gitmo tell you what kind of morality is in charge. Katrina tells you how the U.S. citizenry rates. The oldest protection of serfdom – Habeas Corpus – right to trial – is too much of an imposition to be observed.

    Spying is the order of the day.

    Do I have a point ? Hell, I’m too disgusted for one. But the ‘accident’ idea is easy to kill. Here’s what Rummy hid

  4. Opit hardly on subject.
    The Dessert Crossing documents are a great resource. I have not looked at them for quite some time. The key that most miss when reading them is they are from the Clinton Administration. The scenerios were run under the Clinton Administration.
    What does that have to do with it, it shows that the same concerns under the Bush Administration regarding Saddams WMD program was just as much of a concern under Clinton as of 1999. It demonstrates that the thought to take Saddam out because of the threat of his WMD program was real. It clearly defines that the Clinton Administration felt his WMD was alive and well.

    Habeas Corpus does not apply to non US citizezns, it is a right of US Citizens.
    Katrina was a disaster because of many reasons, local screw ups, lack of preparation for a disaster that size, local government diversion of funds earmarked for repairs of the flood control systems, etc…
    Invading Iraq would cause grief, nice open statement with no solid foundation.
    The NIE has been proven wrong the Surge as worked, the problem is the media presence preventing troops from acting as troops and doing their job.
    Funding of permanenat bases, is just that funding, if the funds can be found elsewere then they did not violate anything, had the liberals wanted to prevent permanent bases they would have passed legislation to block their building not their funding.
    Syria and Iran are not indispensable to peace, however they could be a integral part peace if they choose to, do not confuse their role as being the only way to achieve peace. Taking Iran out completely would lead to a better possibilty of peace and would still make them an integral part of the peace process. Additionally both countries can be an indispensable hindrance to peace.
    Abu Ghraib and Gitmo are to cocmpletely different scenaries. Abu was an oddity and does not reflect the whole.
    Gitmo, most of the stories have been proven false.

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