Ahmadinejad the Next Liberal Congressman

Atlas brings us the 60 Minutes interview with Ahmadinejad.  

Maybe Ahmadinejad will use the UN office address in NYC to run for a Senate position if Hillary is elected as our next President. Then we could team up Pelosi and Ahmadinejad for the 2012 elections. Wait, Hillary would want two terms…

Part II

Interview Scott Pelley gets my respect. He asked kick ass questions of the poison dwarf who sounded just like a Democrat in the House or Senate. That is depressing. Rich pointed out;

The midget gave all the Liberal talking points.. ALL OF THEM!
1. We are wasting taxpayer money on a war that could be used elsewhere.
2. We should be helping Katrina victims
3. We shouldn’t be listening to US citizens phone calls.
4. He said to Pelley, “What are you, a CIA Agent? Where do you think I
am? In Guantanamo Bay prison, or a secret prison in Europe, or in Abu Ghrab?

And the bullshit meme “the root causes of terror”

It’s unbelievable how much he sounds like a liberal congressman or senator.


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