Misleading the Public with Greenspans Opinion

The Mass Media has grabbed onto a quote from Greenspans biography and drawn the conclusion the inference that the Bush Administrations sole motivator in the Iraq war was oil. This misleading conclusion by the liberal media hacks has one purpose, to demonize the Republican Party and nothing more.

In the lead up to Election 2008, the liberal media finds the need to try and do anything it can to shift the balance of the vote.

To start with Greenspan is closer to the Libertarian Party than the Republican Party, he is a strong believe and practitioner of the Ayn Rand philosphy of Objectivism. The media also incorrectly asserts that Greenspan was talking about the Bush Administration, when if one looks at what he said, he does not say the Bush Administration.

I noticed that a lot of liberal hacks across the Internet are talking about it being about time a senior Bush Administration official has finally spoken out against the Bush Administration and admitted that the Bush Administration conducted the war for Oil.

Now to correct the liberal hacks trying to convince the uneducated, Greenspan was the chairman of the Fed through the Reagan, Bush H, Clinton and Bush Administrations. He has been a long time supporter of reviving the Gold Standard and advocate of laissez-faire capitalism. As chairmain of the Fed he is not part of any administration. The Fed is a separate entity from the Goverment. It is actually a private institution. The Fed does not answer to the President of the United States and is overseen by Congress. If anything it is Congress that the Fed is part of, but only very loosely, in as much as the Fed does not answer to Congress, but Congress does have the ability to take action against the Fed. 

In subsequent interviews, Greenspan has even stated that it was his opinion that in order to secure oil, Saddam had to be taken out. This is the key point which the liberal media is trying to brush aside. This one statement says it all, HIS OPINION and his motivation for taking Saddam out, by war, black ops, or other means.


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