Syria’s N. Korean Nukes Destroyed

Atlas Shrugs is reporting that Israeli forces, AF and Commando units, destroyed a cache of nuclear weapons in Syria. The nukes were provided by N. Korea, who supplies the region with the Scud C missles.

What is interesting to note is that a week and a half ago Debka reported an Israeli AF incursion into Syrian airspace in which Israeli fighter jets jammed Syrian radar. No the twist is the main stream media was reporting how Syrian air defense and fighters intercepted Israeli fighter jets and drove them off.

This incursion was only 50 miles into Syria airspace according to the Times article, however the Jpost is reporting the facility was near the Turkish border which would make it closer to 150 miles. If the latter is true, this was a major incursion and illistrates how weak Syria’s air defense really is. This is a strong show of force for Israeli, in that showing it cannot only breach, but disable Syria’s air defense system, it has demonstrated that Iran’s nuclear facilities are open season. The only thing standing between Israel and Irans nuclear program is Iran’s air defense system, which is below the capabilities and technology of the Syrian air defense.

Another note of interest is the recent visit by the North Koreans, yes they are giving up their nuke program, why? To move it to Syria, maybe Iran? Something that bears watching. There is still open speculation that Iraq’s NBC’s ended up going through are are in Syria. Maybe these nukes were headed to Lebanon, where Hezbollah is gearing up for another war with Israel. Let the proxy carry the nuke, which would give Syria maximum plausible deniability.


This was supposed to be a devastating Syrian surprise for Israel,” said an Israeli source. “We’ve known for a long time that Syria has deadly chemical warheads on its Scuds, but Israel can’t live with a nuclear warhead.”

Nobody’s talking about this historical event, at least not in any major way. And the Islamazis aren’t screaming about Israeli aggression. Hmmmmmmm. Perhaps because they are loathe to call attention to their North Korean provided nuclear facilities. Am Yisroel chai!

Israelis ‘blew apart Syrian nuclear cache’  Times Online

Intense speculation that Israel believed it had destroyed a cache of nuclear materials from North Korea

IT was just after midnight when the 69th Squadron of Israeli F15Is crossed the Syrian coast-line. On the ground, Syria’s formidable air defences went dead. An audacious raid on a Syrian target 50 miles from the Iraqi border was under way.

At a rendezvous point on the ground, a Shaldag air force commando team was waiting to direct their laser beams at the target for the approaching jets. The team had arrived a day earlier, taking up position near a large underground depot. Soon the bunkers were in flames.

Ten days after the jets reached home, their mission was the focus of intense speculation this weekend amid claims that Israel believed it had destroyed a cache of nuclear materials from North Korea.

The Israeli government was not saying. “The security sources and IDF [Israeli Defence Forces] soldiers are demonstrating unusual courage,” said Ehud Olmert, the prime minister. “We naturally cannot always show the public our cards.”

The Syrians were also keeping mum. “I cannot reveal the details,” said Farouk al-Sharaa, the vice-president. “All I can say is the military and political echelon is looking into a series of responses as we speak. Results are forthcoming.” The official story that the target comprised weapons destined for Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shi’ite group, appeared to be crumbling in the face of widespread scepticism. Andrew Semmel, a senior US State Department official, said Syria might have obtained nuclear equipment from “secret suppliers”, and added that there were a “number of foreign technicians” in the country.

Asked if they could be North Korean, he replied: “There are North Korean people there. There’s no question about that.” He said a network run by AQ Khan, the disgraced creator of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, could be involved.

But why would nuclear material be in Syria? Known to have chemical weapons, was it seeking to bolster its arsenal with something even more deadly?

Alternatively, could it be hiding equipment for North Korea, enabling Kim Jong-il to pretend to be giving up his nuclear programme in exchange for economic aid? Or was the material bound for Iran, as some authorities in America suggest?

According to Israeli sources, preparations for the attack had been going on since late spring, when Meir Dagan, the head of Mossad, presented Olmert with evidence that Syria was seeking to buy a nuclear device from North Korea.

The Israeli spy chief apparently feared such a device could eventually be installed on North-Korean-made Scud-C missiles


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