Ahmed Mohamed Former Terrorism Charges in Egypt

Interesting update in the Goose Creek Fireworks Kids… Ahmed Mohamed, the one charged with teaching how to build explosives and how to miniaturize them seems to have a past of Terrorism.

According to officials familiar with the case, Mohamed has been arrested previously in Egypt on terrorism-related charges. He is said to have produced an Internet video showing how to build a remote-controlled car bomb.

Hmmm.. Remote-Controlled Car Bomb, car with explosives… Nah can’t be…

But CAIR representitive Bedier says it is all a misunderstanding and the authorities should not have blown up the evidence. It was a series of bombs you idiot. They blew them up because they posed an immediate danger.

Bedier further states that “If these were some good old boys, I doubt this [story] would be played around the world.”

 That’s right you imbecile.. Because if they were some good old boys, it would not be a case of international terrorism.


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