Toronto Highways Shutdown to Transport Bombs

A Muslim immigrant, Adel Mohamed Arnaout, from Lebanon was apprehended yesterday on charges related to mail bombs. During his apprehension, three more bombs were confiscated from his car. Canadian authorities transported the bombs through the highway system, which it shut down for the transfer. The devices were described as being 12-18 inches in size.

Now a couple of interesting points:

1. The mail bombings were on  8/11, 8/19 & 8/22. What else has happened in the few months or so? The UK car bombs, the Suicide bombers in Glasgow, the Greek Fires, possible radioactive truck bomb headed to NYC, radioactive material in a car in NJ, the Fireworks Kids with pipe bombs, the request of DNA evidence from the fireworks kid (possibly pointing to link him to something else) the Seattle Ferry Trolls (Which there is a fear of bombs being placed in cars in Canada and then ferried into Seattle…) – As I have been saying something is up. These are just the things that have made the news… The anniversary of 9/11 is coming up, Al Qaeda has been unsuccessful at hitting the US since 2001,….

2. The authorities decided to transport the bombs, very slowly, instead of detonating them on scene. The fact that they had to move very slowly, indicates these are different than the mail bombs. These are sensitive to motion/movement. Add to that the fact that they were not detonated on scene, indicates that it had the potentional to either be a very large explosion, or possible release of a secondary agent.

3. Authorities claim there is a logical pattern to his targets but it is not political, ideological, religous or based on nationality… Excuse me what else is there? Other than a personal grudge… But then why not say that.  Kind of odd how this follows the Hezbollah billboard problem in Canada.

Here is Atlas’s report on the latest in the pattern…

“There’s absolutely no pattern as far as any religion, ideology, or nationality.” stated Deputy Chief Warr of the Toronto police.

Let me understand this, they closed down two of Toronto’s busiest highways to move LIVE bombs. It wasn’t till the seventh paragraph that the Post mentions that the  bomber was a landed immigrant from Lebanon. They were careful not to mention his middle name… Mohamed.

Norman sent this – haven’t heard a word of it in the American press. The dhimmitude defies all logic and the most basic  instinct – the will to live.


Torontonians were transfixed yesterday by the spectacle of police gingerly transporting three live bombs through their city, shutting down two of Toronto’s busiest roadways for more than an hour after a man was arrested for a series of August letter bombings.


As news helicopters buzzed overhead, a 17-car police convoy crept slowly down the Don Valley Parkway and under the Gardiner Expressway to the waterfront Leslie Street Spit, carefully towing a trailer containing the three explosive devices seized earlier from a rental car.

Bridges over the busy parkway were sealed off and pedestrians and other vehicles kept hundreds of metres away until the bombs were carefully deposited on a deserted section of the spit, and blown up in a controlled explosion that could be heard kilo-metres away.

Check out “a weary looking”

Adel Arnaout, 37, a landed immigrant from Lebanon, was charged yesterday with three counts of attempted murder, three counts of delivering and setting off a bomb and one of illegal possession of explosives. He was also charged with criminal harassment.

A weary-looking Mr. Arnaout, handcuffed and clad in a prison-issue orange jumpsuit, made a brief appearance in an east-end court, staring sullenly at the justice of the peace as a bail hearing was set for next Wednesday. He lives in a small

Major Toronto highway closed as police dispose of explosive devices CBC

UPDATE: Check out the Dust my Broom here: hat tip Hal

The Bombay Bunker: Home of Adel Mohamed Arnaout

The rooming house that Adel Mohamed Arnaout lived in had been nicknamed the Bombay Bunker by neighbours because of its double steel doors and has been described to house as many as thirty people at a time. The nickname may have a little more resonance now.

The police stated yesterday that Adel Mohamed Arnaout was known to them and today it is noted that he has been under investigation since June because of prior harassment complaints (by Toronto resident Steven Scott). He now stands accused of sending letter bombs to three people in southern Ontario and faces three counts of attempted murder. After his arrest on Thursday night, three more bombs were found in his car. The Toronto Star provides this court image:

Adel Mohamed ArnaoutAdel Mohamed Arnaout, suspected of sending three letter bombs, appeared in Eglinton Ave. E. court, Friday, August 31, 2007. – picture by Alex Tavshunsky

He delivered letter bombs to the following people:

August 11, 2007 – Abdelmagid Radi: Scarborough, Ontario.
August 19, 2007 – Terrence Reiber: Lawyer, Toronto, Ontario.
August 22, 2007 – John Becker: Home renovation contractor, Guelph, Ontario.

John Becker is on record as saying he doesn’t know the other recipients, Terrence Reiber had no comment and there is nothing about Abdelmagid Radi so their connection is up to speculation for now.

Quote of the day:

Mr. Arnaout’s landlord, Mohammad Raja, said the accused man has been living at the property for about three months.

“He told me he was going to look for a security job,” Mr. Raja said. (Globe and Mail)

As an aside, his name changed slightly from yesterday (was Adel Arnaut) and the media has silently corrected themselves without notice.

UPDATE: Director Blue follows up on my post: A North American city screeches to a halt 

Imagine one of North America’s largest cities brought to its knees as two of its central roadways are shut down. A perimeter is established around a suspect site where a rental car is examined.


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  2. Well-done and good work for shedding light on this. The media bias toward protecting Muslims is pathetic.

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