Clinton Praises Bush – Remarks Edited Out of Print Edition

Bill Clinton in an interview for Conde Nast Traveler magazine praised President Bush for having

“done three things that I think the world generally approved of: restoring cooperation with the Latin American countries, making a diplomatic agreement with North Korea instead of continuing to have a frigid standoff, and sending Americans to the conference to discuss the future of Iraq with the Iranians and Syrians.

“Those are, all three, things that signify we’re trying to do better in the world.”

Clinton said the more hard-line positions the Bush administration took earlier on those and other issues were understandable in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

It took us a couple of years to regain our bearings, and I think we have now,” he told the magazine. “I think that we’re getting our balance back.”

Clinton’s remarks about Bush were not included in Conde Nast Traveler’s print edition, but they do appear on the travel magazine’s Web site.

Clinton also praised Bush for pressing for an end to the genocide in Darfur, and for seeking changes in the requirement that food for emergency assistance be purchased and shipped from the U.S.

Bush has proposed that 25 percent of such food aid can be purchased in the next nearest country, the New York Sun reports.

According to Clinton, that proposal would help “farmers in Africa and elsewhere where there’s hunger, and you get more food and you get it delivered more quickly.”

American farming and shipping interests oppose the move, the Sun reports, as do many members of Congress.

Amazing that they would strike those comments from the printed edition. I wonder what the motivation was behind that.

If you are going to do an interview and publish it, you should include the things you do not like as well as the things that you do.

This is another case of the personal politics of the people publishing this, interfering with journalism.

Greek Fires, Media Silence

Atlas Shrugs brings up an imporant point, of the 32 suspects and 7 arrests, no-one is reporting the names or background of the individuals. In addition to that, the land grab theory is growing unlikely based on where the bulk of the fires are. It seems something is being covered up. I have noticed the Mass Media has reported very little on this, and is not on the main pages as  a major headline even though half of a country is burning out of control.


GREECE FIRES RULED ARSON – “Greece’s 9/11” Seven arrested

A woman and her four children killed Friday, their charred bodies found with the woman’s arms around the youngsters, might have been safe if they had stayed at home. It was the only house left untouched in the village of Artemida in the western Peloponnese. The house’s white walls and red tile roof were unscathed, surrounded by blackened earth. CBS News – like the woman could ever possible know that – CBS – just report the news, not your retarded sense of irony.)

DAY 4 of deadly fires: Fires rage in Greece as SEVEN PEOPLE CHARGED WITH ARSON. They remain nameless. Why? I have searched all news sources. Any Atlas readers have a clue?

Not one major news network has even mentioned it. Half of Greece is on fire.
63 dead.

But it was not clear who was responsible for these fires.

“I think it is unlikely that land development was an incentive behind the arson,” said Nikos Bokaris, head of the Panhellenic Union of Forestry Experts. “The afflicted areas are not prime targets for construction. These are mountain areas where land is not that valuable.”

An official of the WWF environmental group also dismissed the notion of an orchestrated arson campaign. More here.

Daily Kos – Huff-lite

The Daily Kos has followed in step with the Huffington Post, in publishing an article calling for the seizure of GW Bush’s assests. These liberal nutcases are really grasping at straws. The Kos is smart enought not to suggest a military coup however. but I think the implication is there non the less.

From LGF

Today’s message from the new mainstream voice of the modern Democratic Party: Daily Kos: George W. Bush’s Property Should Be Seized.

OK, so how did I get to this conclusion?

The war itself is threatening peace and stability in Iraq. Our current regime has, in fact, undermined efforts to promote economic reconstruction and political reform in Iraq and failed to provide humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi people. We are building an Embassy larger than the Vatican for Christ sakes. Yet the people of Iraq have no water and hardly any Food. Our occupation of Iraq is the number one reason that the Country is unstable. The US is stealing their oil, further hurting their economy.

For these reasons alone, by law, Bush must have his assets frozen NOW, his Property Seized, And sent to Gitmo for Water Boarding! Him and everyone in his sector. You wrote the law Chimpy, read em and weep.

I know it is far fetched, but one can only hope.

(Hat tip: JammieWearingFool.)

UPDATE at 8/27/07 10:15:40 am:

And here’s a bonus Daily Kos diary from lefty hateblogger “Booman” (boo!), accusing Joe Lieberman of dual loyalty and suggesting that the US should stop supporting Israel. It’s the new progressive realism: Daily Kos: Talking Realism With the Establishment.

We need to start planning for a future where we do not dominate the Middle East.  This will involve significant economic risks…especially for the availability of cheap and readily available energy.  It also suggests that Israel should start getting serious about a permanent, sustainable accommodation with the Palestinians and their neighbors.  Keeping a few of their most ardent and unquestioning supporters, like Joe Lieberman, in the U.S. Senate is not going to be enough to sustain an acceptable level of security.  We cannot continue to take on the blowback risks and international hit to our moral standing that our support for Israel currently entails.

Excuses in a Huff

The Huffington Post writer Martin Lewis has not come out claiming that his piece suggesting a military coup was just satire. Under obvious pressure to relieve the Huffington of possible backlash, which already accured across the blogshere, and a political backlash, possible legal actions, Lewis has concoted this excuse.

LGF has the scoop again

Martin Lewis, who wrote that twisted article at Huffington Post calling for Gen. Peter Pace to stage a military coup and arrest President Bush, now says he was only kidding. Wingnuts are “smearing” him for nothing more than a little joke: Martin Lewis: ‘Let’s Twist Again’: Right-wing Bloggers Smear HuffPost.

Here’s the link to his uproarious piece of brilliant satire. See if you can spot teh funny: Martin Lewis: General Pace, You Can Save the US – by Arresting Bush for ‘Conduct Unbecoming’.

Allahpundit points out this comment left by Lewis, defending his original post.

I ask General Pace to do two things. One is to relieve the President of his command as Commander-In-Chief. The other is to place the President under military arrest. It is arguable as to the conflict between the Constitution and the Uniform Code Of Military Justice. One of the important legal ramifications of My Lai was the obligation to relieve a senior officer of his/her command in exceptional circumstances. If General Pace was performing a military imperative in a peaceful, non-threatening manner and simply informed Mr. Bush that he was being relieved of his military command, there would be no justification for the Secret Service to act as you suggest. Whatever the ultimate consequence, the impact of such a courageous and noble act on behalf of his nation, would be significant.

We haven’t witnessed such mastery of the subtle art of satire since Mark Twain.

Allahpundit suspects Lewis was “encouraged” to issue this ludicrous defense by an embarrassed Arianna Huffington. Sounds likely.

Politically Correct – No More Anti-Semites, They are Jew Haters

Another change to the meaning of words… anti-Zionism is the new PC term for anti-Jewish, this has been for quite a while, I believe Dr. Martin Luther King first made mention of this. It has become so ingrained into the hate mongers and general society, that it is now an acceptable term. Atlas Shrugs reports that anti-semite has been changed to mean anti-arab, in order to remove the intonation and block people from using the term. Yes, native arabs are semites, however the terminolgy of anti-semtism came about because of the persecution of the Jews. It is a proper name for the Jew haters of the world. Just like the recent call by Tiny to have Christians and Jews call G”d Allah, this is another way for the Islamitizing of our societies. We can no longer call Jew Haters Anti-Semites. Well then let’s call them what they are Jew Haters.

In the parallel universe where ‘good’ is viewed as  ‘evil’ and ‘evil’  ‘good, the development of the parallel language continues to distort, confound, confuse, obfuscate, and abet in murder. The language of the absurd.

Anti-semite now means anti-Arab. BTW, you’ll notice I rarely use the word antisemite. I use Jew hate. Antisemitism is a bullshit term for an ugly, fatal hate.

What’s next? Are they going top start calling Islamazis Jews, and and Jews Islamazis?

At a Jew bashing conference of Islamic nations, aptly named the UN Anti-Racism Conference, groundwork continued apace for the coming of the second holocaust.

Islamic group alleges ‘smear campaign’ against conference; Libya elected chair, Iran and Cuba as vice-chairs UN

Syria today said that 9/11 opened the door to new forms of racism and associated intolerance against “Semitic” people. This brings us right back to the pernicious subversion of language that surrounded Durban I, where the word antisemitism — the term for hatred or persecution of Jews — was gutted of all meaning. Recall article 46 of Durban’s NGO Declaration: “…Anti-Arab racism is another form of anti-semitism and Islamaphobia.” And article 79: “Arabs as a Semitic people have also suffered from alternative forms of anti semitism, manifesting itself as anti-Arab discrimination and for those Arabs who are Muslim, also as Islamophobia.”

Read the whole exercise in anti-humanity here.

Ishcabibble, ishcabobble now kill the Jew.  Next!

Al Opus, Fatwah on You

Opus cartoon, banned by the Mass Media for making fun of Jihadists. So much for freedom of speech… The Mass Media has bent to the will of Allah again. I guess they are afraid of more riots and fatwahs. but yet it is ok to publish lies about our troops. The Mass Media needs to go back to its roots and re-discover what they are their for. A cartoon obvious meant as satire is unacceptable, however a editorial piece from a liberal “news” agency that has no hint of satire, calling for the overthrow of the US government is more than accepted in the media’s watchful eyes. BS.

Update: More dhimmi details in’s coverage.

If you haven’t already been to Berkeley Breathed’s website to see the first of two syndicated “Opus” cartoons that many of his newspaper clients are refusing to run because they might offend members of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage, go there now. Many blogs noted this story last week while I was traveling. See HA for full background.

The LATimes, surprisingly, ran the cartoon yesterday, according to LAObserved.

According to Breathed’s syndicated, some 25 newspapers refused to run the strips.

Let’s have the names, shall we? If your paper regularly carried Opus, but didn’t run yesterday’s strip, speak now.


Reader Bob e-mails: “Add the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to the dhimmi column, they ran a different Opus strip yesterday.”

Reader Scott: “Add Dallas Morning News to those who do not wish to offend.”

Former PLO Terrorist – Why We Want To Kill You

Atlas Shrugs has a nice piece on CNN’s Amapore’s Jew bashing God’s Warriors. It is a former PLO Terrorist who his now a Zionist explaining why Muslims wage Jihad based on his book Why We Want to Kill You. Listen to the whole thing, it really sheds light on the Israeli Palestinian conflict as well as the rest of the Islamic Extremists around the world. I would imaging he will have a Fatwah on him soon enough for this honest enlightment of Muslims.

SHOEBAT!  If you have time – listen. Hat tip urban infidel

Terrorist-turned-Zionist Exposes Deliberate Bias in CNN’s ‘God Warriors’
Former PLO member Walid Shoebat, author of a stunning new book “Why We Want to Kill You,” gives the listeners an inside view of how CNN’s chief international correspondent, Christiane Amanpour, blatantly distorted facts in her recent series “God Warriors.”

Listen Now