Excuses in a Huff

The Huffington Post writer Martin Lewis has not come out claiming that his piece suggesting a military coup was just satire. Under obvious pressure to relieve the Huffington of possible backlash, which already accured across the blogshere, and a political backlash, possible legal actions, Lewis has concoted this excuse.

LGF has the scoop again

Martin Lewis, who wrote that twisted article at Huffington Post calling for Gen. Peter Pace to stage a military coup and arrest President Bush, now says he was only kidding. Wingnuts are “smearing” him for nothing more than a little joke: Martin Lewis: ‘Let’s Twist Again’: Right-wing Bloggers Smear HuffPost.

Here’s the link to his uproarious piece of brilliant satire. See if you can spot teh funny: Martin Lewis: General Pace, You Can Save the US – by Arresting Bush for ‘Conduct Unbecoming’.

Allahpundit points out this comment left by Lewis, defending his original post.

I ask General Pace to do two things. One is to relieve the President of his command as Commander-In-Chief. The other is to place the President under military arrest. It is arguable as to the conflict between the Constitution and the Uniform Code Of Military Justice. One of the important legal ramifications of My Lai was the obligation to relieve a senior officer of his/her command in exceptional circumstances. If General Pace was performing a military imperative in a peaceful, non-threatening manner and simply informed Mr. Bush that he was being relieved of his military command, there would be no justification for the Secret Service to act as you suggest. Whatever the ultimate consequence, the impact of such a courageous and noble act on behalf of his nation, would be significant.

We haven’t witnessed such mastery of the subtle art of satire since Mark Twain.

Allahpundit suspects Lewis was “encouraged” to issue this ludicrous defense by an embarrassed Arianna Huffington. Sounds likely.

Politically Correct – No More Anti-Semites, They are Jew Haters

Another change to the meaning of words… anti-Zionism is the new PC term for anti-Jewish, this has been for quite a while, I believe Dr. Martin Luther King first made mention of this. It has become so ingrained into the hate mongers and general society, that it is now an acceptable term. Atlas Shrugs reports that anti-semite has been changed to mean anti-arab, in order to remove the intonation and block people from using the term. Yes, native arabs are semites, however the terminolgy of anti-semtism came about because of the persecution of the Jews. It is a proper name for the Jew haters of the world. Just like the recent call by Tiny to have Christians and Jews call G”d Allah, this is another way for the Islamitizing of our societies. We can no longer call Jew Haters Anti-Semites. Well then let’s call them what they are Jew Haters.

In the parallel universe where ‘good’ is viewed as  ‘evil’ and ‘evil’  ‘good, the development of the parallel language continues to distort, confound, confuse, obfuscate, and abet in murder. The language of the absurd.

Anti-semite now means anti-Arab. BTW, you’ll notice I rarely use the word antisemite. I use Jew hate. Antisemitism is a bullshit term for an ugly, fatal hate.

What’s next? Are they going top start calling Islamazis Jews, and and Jews Islamazis?

At a Jew bashing conference of Islamic nations, aptly named the UN Anti-Racism Conference, groundwork continued apace for the coming of the second holocaust.

Islamic group alleges ‘smear campaign’ against conference; Libya elected chair, Iran and Cuba as vice-chairs UN Watch.org

Syria today said that 9/11 opened the door to new forms of racism and associated intolerance against “Semitic” people. This brings us right back to the pernicious subversion of language that surrounded Durban I, where the word antisemitism — the term for hatred or persecution of Jews — was gutted of all meaning. Recall article 46 of Durban’s NGO Declaration: “…Anti-Arab racism is another form of anti-semitism and Islamaphobia.” And article 79: “Arabs as a Semitic people have also suffered from alternative forms of anti semitism, manifesting itself as anti-Arab discrimination and for those Arabs who are Muslim, also as Islamophobia.”

Read the whole exercise in anti-humanity here.

Ishcabibble, ishcabobble now kill the Jew.  Next!

Al Opus, Fatwah on You

Opus cartoon, banned by the Mass Media for making fun of Jihadists. So much for freedom of speech… The Mass Media has bent to the will of Allah again. I guess they are afraid of more riots and fatwahs. but yet it is ok to publish lies about our troops. The Mass Media needs to go back to its roots and re-discover what they are their for. A cartoon obvious meant as satire is unacceptable, however a editorial piece from a liberal “news” agency that has no hint of satire, calling for the overthrow of the US government is more than accepted in the media’s watchful eyes. BS.

Update: More dhimmi details in FoxNews.com’s coverage.

If you haven’t already been to Berkeley Breathed’s website to see the first of two syndicated “Opus” cartoons that many of his newspaper clients are refusing to run because they might offend members of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage, go there now. Many blogs noted this story last week while I was traveling. See HA for full background.

The LATimes, surprisingly, ran the cartoon yesterday, according to LAObserved.

According to Breathed’s syndicated, some 25 newspapers refused to run the strips.

Let’s have the names, shall we? If your paper regularly carried Opus, but didn’t run yesterday’s strip, speak now.


Reader Bob e-mails: “Add the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to the dhimmi column, they ran a different Opus strip yesterday.”

Reader Scott: “Add Dallas Morning News to those who do not wish to offend.”

Former PLO Terrorist – Why We Want To Kill You

Atlas Shrugs has a nice piece on CNN’s Amapore’s Jew bashing God’s Warriors. It is a former PLO Terrorist who his now a Zionist explaining why Muslims wage Jihad based on his book Why We Want to Kill You. Listen to the whole thing, it really sheds light on the Israeli Palestinian conflict as well as the rest of the Islamic Extremists around the world. I would imaging he will have a Fatwah on him soon enough for this honest enlightment of Muslims.

SHOEBAT!  If you have time – listen. Hat tip urban infidel

Terrorist-turned-Zionist Exposes Deliberate Bias in CNN’s ‘God Warriors’
Former PLO member Walid Shoebat, author of a stunning new book “Why We Want to Kill You,” gives the listeners an inside view of how CNN’s chief international correspondent, Christiane Amanpour, blatantly distorted facts in her recent series “God Warriors.”

Listen Now



Huffington Posts Calls for Overthrow of US Government

The Captain’s Quarters posts that Martin Lewis of the Huffington Post has published an article calling for the Military to overthrow the government of the United States. This act of Treason (High Treason is more the line) is spectacular in that it comes from a source of the Mass Liberal Media.

I think this should be considered an act of treason and Mr. Lewis should be arrested and tried for treason against the people of the United State of America.

Captain’s Quarters has a good summary of the legality of Lewis’ plea to the military to instigate a coup…

The Huffington Post published a plea to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs today to arrest George Bush for “conduct unbecoming” — essentially, a military coup against the elected government of the United States. Martin Lewis claims that the military can arrest a President while not conducting a coup d’etat by focusing only on his role as Commander in Chief of the military:

General Pace – you have the power to fulfill your responsibility to protect the troops under your command. Indeed you have an obligation to do so.You can relieve the President of his command.

Not of his Presidency. But of his military role as Commander-In-Chief. …

In addition to relieving him of his command as Commander-In-Chief, you also have authority to place the President under MILITARY arrest.

Lewis quotes extensively from the Uniform Code of Military Justice, but clearly his scholarship does not extend to the Constitution. The command of the armed forces follows from the president’s election to office, and cannot be separated from the office itself. Bush isn’t C-in-C because he got appointed to that position, but because the American electorate voted him into that role. In other words, the military cannot arrest the C-in-C but leave the President in power, and to argue otherwise is to demonstrate complete ignorance.

Secondly, the President does not serve at the pleasure of the Joint Chiefs — and indeed, the military is subservient to the civilian command structure. They do not have arrest authority over the President — nor over anyone else in the US other than military personnel, as the Posse Comitatus Act stipulates. Civilian oversight keeps the military from seizing power and is a long and vital tradition in this nation. It’s what keeps us from becoming a banana republic, run by military strongmen.

Lewis wants to turn America into just that kind of nation. His Bush-hatred runs so deep that he would willingly see the military take control over the federal government just to get rid of him. The Left likes to talk about supposed fascism among conservatives, but the Huffington Post is literally calling for a military coup to reverse an election, not only an un-Constitutional act but also the kind of authoritarian rule they supposedly despise.

Unbelievable. (via Memeorandum)

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers! No response from the HuffPo yet, although if you read the comments on the post, Martin Lewis is very serious about this. He claims that the military can arrest Bush while leaving his “civilian” powers intact, but again, those civilian powers include command of the military as an indivisible part of his office.

Plenty of other people post at HuffPo, like Governor Bill Richardson, for instance. Does Gov. Richardson endorse his co-blogger’s demand for a military coup? Shouldn’t he at least go on the record as to what he thinks about it? Will he continue to blog at a site that openly calls for a military coup?

Mr. Lewis’ actual post:

Dear General Pace,

I note with admiration your courage in making clear your private concerns about the safety of the US military and the longterm danger to US national security caused by the President’s stubborn refusal to acknowledge the quagmire in Iraq.

Though you are Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the President’s principal military advisor – President Bush has shown his disdain for your honesty and wisdom. Though you are a decorated Vietnam war hero – who has served his nation honorably for four decades – the President is dispensing with your services. You have one month left in your position before you are tossed out by the President.

President Bush is going to ignore your advice. Just as he has ignored the advice of other Generals who have had the courage to respectfully point out how terribly wrong he is in respect of the Iraq War and the safety of the US military he is sworn to protect. Highly-decorated colleagues of yours such as General Anthony Zinni (Commander in Chief of U.S. Central Command), General Eric Shinseki (Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army) and General John Abizaid (Commander of the U.S. Central Command).

General Pace – you have the power to fulfill your responsibility to protect the troops under your command. Indeed you have an obligation to do so.

You can relieve the President of his command.

Not of his Presidency. But of his military role as Commander-In-Chief.

You simply invoke the Uniform Code Of Military Justice.

The United States Code: Title 10, Subtitle A, Part II, Chapter 47, Subchapter X, Section 934.

Article 134 reads:

“Though not specifically mentioned in this chapter, all disorders and neglects to the prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces, all conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces, and crimes and offenses not capital, of which persons subject to this chapter may be guilty, shall be taken cognizance of by a general, special, or summary court-martial, according to the nature and degree of the offense, and shall be punished at the discretion of that court.”

Article 133 reads:

“Any commissioned officer, cadet, or midshipman who is convicted of conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.”

A gentleman is understood to have a duty to avoid dishonest acts, displays of indecency, lawlessness, dealing unfairly, indecorum, injustice, or acts of cruelty.

To be crystal clear – I am NOT advocating or inciting you to undertake any illegal act, insurrection, mutiny, putsch or military coup. You are an honorable patriotic man.

I am NOT advocating or inciting you to interfere with any of the civilian duties of the President. That would not be a legal action by you.

However you have the legal responsibility – under Article 134 of the Uniform Code Of Military Justice – to protect the troops under your command by relieving the President of his MILITARY command.

If you have reason to believe that the President is responsible for “disorders and neglects to the prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces” and for “conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces, and crimes and offenses not capital” then you have the obligation to act.

In addition to relieving him of his command as Commander-In-Chief, you also have authority to place the President under MILITARY arrest.

Article 7 of the Uniform Code Of Military Justice specifically says:

(b) Any person authorized under regulations governing the armed forces to apprehend persons subject to this Code may do so upon reasonable belief that an offense has been committed and that the person apprehended committed it.
(c) All officers, warrant officers, petty officers, and noncommissioned officers shall have authority to quell all quarrels, frays, and disorders among persons subject to this Code and to apprehend persons subject to this Code who take part in the same.I understand that it would not be an action to undertake lightly.

In all your 39 years of service you have shown total loyalty to the chain of command.

However, given the current imperilment of US troops, and the “Conduct Unbecoming Of An Officer And A Gentleman” of this President – you have a greater responsibility to your nation, your code of honor and to the US Constitution.

I wish you well as you prepare to undertake the most heroic action of your distinguished career.

General Pace – please save the US.

Respectfully yours,

Martin Lewis

As a note, Mr. Lewis, President is Commander and Chief of the military via the Constitution of the United State of America, not the Uniform Code 0f Military Justice. Therefore the President is exempt from the UCMJ, as the President is a civilian not a member of the Military.

The Ace at Polipundit has a bit more to say…

I actually feel kind of bad calling this guy ignorant, he’s not an American, so we’ll just say he’s dumb. The UCMJ doesn’t apply to the President as he’s not part of the military. Of course anyone with half a brain and google could figure this out. Further, this clown doesn’t seem to understand that the President can’t be “relieved of his command” by Pace, Pelosi, the martians, or the Hale Bop comet. Finally, he also doesn’t get that such an action or an attempt at this action would be illegal. He’s in the comments section saying there is a “conflict between the Constitution and the Uniform Code Of Military Justice.”
Well, no there isn’t and since he doesn’t understand this, he probably should shut up. Liberals rarely have such sense however.

Haditha Congressional Investigation of Congress

The American Thinker has a great post that summarizes something long overdo. An Congressional panel to investigate itself and how it has attacked our troops.

Unfortunately Americans as a whole have sucked up the Liberal Libel, and now many liberal “facts” are turning out to be false, however the Liberal Media, just hopes they will go away, sort of like John Murtha hoping people will stop asking him to appologize to the troops he slandered. I think the American people should start with John Murtha and request that he formally appologize to the troops for his remarks… Contact him here.

If Democrats really do support the troops, they will use their control of Congress to launch one more investigation — into a series of statements and reported leaks by officials that have severely harmed our troops and their ability to accomplish their mission. These statements fall into a category of press misinformation that currently has no name, but which deserves one, a neologism to join the ranks of “fisking” and “a lewinsky.”

beauchamp (n)
a story or narrative demeaning to or condemnatory of American military personnel that is readily and even eagerly accepted and presented to others as fact without due diligence to customary norms, of critical fact checking or the legal principle of innocent until proven guilty.

“Our troops overreacted [at Haditha] because of the pressure on them and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood…”  – Congressman John Murtha, May 2006

From Al-Jazeera Factbox: Haditha

John Murtha, Democratic congressman and former marine and war critic, says the military attempted a cover-up and accuses the marines of killing “in cold blood”.
Some US media compare Haditha to the 1968 My Lai massacre in Vietnam, when US soldiers ran amok in the village, and killed some 500 people, mostly women, children and old men.
US politicians briefed on the investigation are quoted as saying several marines, led by a sergeant, went from house to house killing people and also killed four students and a taxi driver in a car that approached the scene. Photographs of the corpses suggested some victims had been kneeling when killed.” and

“You [American soldiers] know you’ve already killed enough innocents to make Ghengis Khan recoil in horror and revulsion and that the atrocities you committed at Haditha…represent only a small part of the larger bloodier picture.” – Adam Gadahn, aka Azzam the American, Al Qaeda video, July 2006

The Scott Thomas Beauchamp affair fades, as seemingly do the hopes of the hunkered down leadership at TNR. While the thing has been interesting, and The Weekly Standard and assorted bloggers and milbloggers and Iraq embeds have scored a victory, even if the other side can’t bring itself to admit it, the affair has been a small blip on the national screen. It has been, to a great degree, an esoteric tempest in a teapot in the sense that it was largely confined to a few limited magazines and interested parties on the Net and did not make a big media splash. However, it might be an example needed to get the bigger and more deadly ‘beauchamp’, Haditha, the attention it deserves.

Following a recent and frankly stunning trend, even Democratic Presidential contender Hillary Clinton has now admitted that ‘The Surge’ strategy in Iraq is working, at least in part. It belatedly seems to have sunk in that ‘The Surge’ was not simply sending in thousands of more troops, as Democrat critics claimed early on, but a major change in strategy. Our troops have gone, in shorthand, from clear and leave so that the opposition returns, to clear and hold. They are turning the tables by persistence.

There was also persistence manifest in the Scott Thomas Beauchamp affair, notably by Bill Kristol and The Weekly Standard, among others. At the end of the day, or a few weeks, TNR’s Jonathan Chait’s calling Bill Kristol’s persistence in the STC affair “thuggery”  was simply an indication of how some truly fear persistence, when they want something bad for them, even bad news, to simply go away, and the other side persists.

We folks on the homefront, like the Rosie the Riveters of WWII fame, must engage in our own surge, and adapt a new strategy to clear and hold what is essentially ‘the big story’, or more simply, the truth.

It has recently been reported (WaPo) that Lt. Col. Paul J. Ware, the investigating officer in the Haditha cases, has found that ‘there is insufficient evidence to show that Lance Cpl. Stephen B. Tatum did anything other than follow Marine Corps rules when he killed women and children in two houses in a residential neighborhood in Iraq on Nov. 19, 2005.’ Ware’s report is not binding on the general heading up the investigation, Lt. Gen. Jim Mattis, head of Marine Corps Forces-Central Command, but only a month ago a similar report by Lt. Col. Ware prefaced Lt. Gen. Mattis’ dismissal of all charges against Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt. Last April murder charges were dropped against Sergeant Sanick Dela Cruz. As the WAPO points out, ‘should Mattis dismiss the charges against Tatum, it would leave pending murder charges in the case against one and only one Marine, Staff Sgt. Frank D. Wuterich.’

Wuterich may face a harder time that those others, as Lt. Gen. Mattis has given past indication of finding those in charge bearing a higher degree of responsibility, and Wuterich was in charge of those Marines involved. However, while we cannot know what the final decision will be, the odds grow longer against a murder conviction against Wuterich as opposed to conviction on something on the order of dereliction or not properly following the ROI. Then too, dismissal for Wuterich is not beyond possible.

However the Wuterich case turns out, though, the narrative of a “cold blooded” massacre of civilian men, women and children by a rampaging group of Marines at Haditha has unraveled, but sadly not before it has become unshakably ‘seered, seered’ into the consciousness of many here and abroad.

The Net is full of calls for Congressman Murtha to apologize to those Marines for convicting them in the press before they had exercised their rights to self defence and casting aside the presumption of innocence until guilt is proven. There are even calls for Speaker Pelosi and the House to censure him. Those are worthwhile goals, but fall short of what should be done. Murtha does bear a great deal of the shame and fault for what has happened in the sordid matter, but ‘getting’ Murtha will not do all that is needed, and perhaps possible, if a strategy of targeted persistence is engaged.

All who genuinely care for our troops should set up a hue and cry, persistently, for Congressional investigation of what happened with Haditha. I don’t mean the actual incidents that resulted in the killing of Iraqi civilians, which have been investigated extensively, including by the military court, but how “Haditha” became what it has become (and remains) in the minds of millions — as opposed to what actually happened.

I suspect that at this point some are surmising that I may be abusing a stash of Panama Gold to even imagine that Speaker Pelosi’s House or Harry Reid’s Senate would ever permit such a thing, but there are grounds to bring pressure to bear in that, if dogged persistence is adopted to the point of what Chait called thuggery, but is in reality holding firm until the truth is secured.

The anti war Democrats and the left insist they care about the troops. Press them on that very thing, and demand Congressional investigation based on the following:

    1. The Marines were presumed guilty well before the investigation and they had their rights to self defence exercised, and it was not just Murtha, as I’ll show.
    2. There were months and months of supposed leaks from the military’s investigation that were invariably reported in a way that seemed to confirm the Marines’ guilt. Was there manipulation of those supposed leaks?
    3. The reporting and widespread acceptance of the Marines’ guilt at Haditha was and is a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda and other insurgencies engaged in killing American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and can reasonably be assumed to have led therefore to the deaths of at least some Americans as a result. A gift of a massive propaganda boon was freely given to our enemies, and it was made in the U.S.A.
    4. All but one of the Marines facing murder charges have had the charges dropped, yet each of those men who were risking their lives in combat in the service of this country were themselves publicly denied the elementary right of self defense that is among the rights that they and previous generations of American soldiers have risked and given their lives to protect for others. Their families have suffered immeasurably, seeing day after day and month after month their loved ones vilified as cold blooded killers.
    5. There may well have been undue pressure put on the military, including by members of the Bush administration as well as by Democrats and the media, that had the effect of denying the accused Marines fair treatment.
    6. The false understanding of what happened at Haditha has made the appeal to moderate Muslims to come forward outspokenly against Islamic extremism far more difficult, while our soldiers risk their lives every day sincerely and even heroically attempting to win the hearts and minds of such Muslims.

If anyone in the House or Senate with a say in the matter of whether such a Congressional investigation will be held claims to care for and support the troops, but resists persistent calls for such an investigation, he or she is exposed! Haditha the media event, became what it had become for a simple reason: George Bush owned Haditha, at least in the thinking of many Democrats and much of the media. That has always been the underlying theme, even from Murtha when he accused the Marines of cold blooded murder. It was really Bush’s fault, and the Marines caved in to undue pressure that Bush has caused them to be under. That of course is a similar theme to Scott Thomas Beauchamp’s “dehumanizing” of soldiers exposed to combat in Shock Troops.

However, now it is the Democrats who own the story of Haditha. They bought it, they used it, they relied on it and they spread it and it is their constituency that still clings to it. It was not just Murtha.

Murtha’s comments were despicable then and even more so in hindsight. A reminder:

“It [Haditha] is as bad as Abu Ghraib, if not worse.” (May 2006)
“They [the Marines/Military] knew the day after this happened that it was not as they portrayed it. They knew that they (Marines) went into the rooms, they killed the people in the taxi. There was no firing at all. And this comes from the highest authority in the Marine Corps, so there’s no question in my mind,” (May 2006)
“There was no firefight. There was no IED that killed these innocent people. Our troops overreacted because of thepressure on them, and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood” (May 19, 2006)
“They actually went into the houses and killed women and children. And there was about twice as many as originally reported by Time.” (May 19, 2006)

It did not end, though, with Murtha. Note that again and again, various Democrats and their acknowledged supporters would speak or write of Haditha in a way that it was a given that the Marines had done the worst.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid:

“Raging in Iraq is an intractable war. Our soldiers are fighting valiantly, but we have Abu Ghraib and Haditha-where 24 or more civilians were allegedly killed by our own…”

Senator Reid to Salon Magazine:

“We’ve got Haditha, we’ve got Abu Ghraib, and we’ve got Guantánamo…”

From a Chris Wallace interview with Senators John Warner and Carl Levin on Fox News Sunday, wherein Democrat Levin pays lip service to the Marines’ right to self defencs before informing all listening that the evidence is overwhelming that the Marines are guilty – before the investigation:

WALLACE: Senator Levin, first of all, is Murtha right about Haditha or is he involved in a rush to judgment about an investigation that hasn’t even been completed yet? And secondly, are these isolated incidents, or is Murtha right when he says that they say something about the overall mission going wrong?
LEVIN: Well, the evidence is really very compelling that we’ve seen that there was at Haditha killing of innocent people. I mean, it’s overwhelming evidence. Should we reach a final judgment on that? We should not. These people should be given their rights in court, will be given their rights in court. But the evidence, I’ve got to say, is kind of overwhelming as to what happened when you look at the reports that came out of Haditha.
WALLACE: And what about the idea that this says something about the overall mission?
LEVIN: I think that we’ve, frankly, been there so long that we’re going to see quite a few of these incidents. They’re intolerable. We train our people not to kill innocent folks. But will there be a few of these? I’m afraid there will be. There are in other wars. There will be in this war and are, I’m afraid, in this war. But is it a pattern? No. I think 99 percent of our troops are fighting professionally. They’ve been trained well. I hope it’s not a pattern, but there will be a few.
WALLACE: Senator Warner?
WARNER: …Our committee, Senator Levin and I, will be very prompt in providing oversight as to how the Army went about the procedures and the findings. But when you say the evidence is overwhelming – we must wait until all the evidence is in before we describe it as overwhelming or otherwise conclusive.
LEVIN: There’s also evidence of a cover-up here, too, by the way. It’s not just evidence of wrongdoing at the events on the ground, but it was a very long period of time before the Army acknowledged that…

Senator Joseph Biden is quoted by CNN from an appearance on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press, and note the odd wording:

“Biden told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the accountability for Haditha and other alleged atrocities in Iraq should go all the way up to Rumsfeld.”

How do you affix responsibility for an atrocity only alleged to have happened and not established as an actual fact?

Senator and Democratic Presidential Contendor Barack Obama from a June 28, 2006, interview on Hannity and Colmes

Alan Colmes: When Jack Murtha talks about civilians being killed in cold blood by troops, is that hurtful to the Democratic Party? Is that rhetoric difficult for you to embrace…?…Did Murtha say that in the right way?
Obama: You know, I don’t have the exact quotes in front of me. What I know is here is a guy who served our country. I would never second guess John Murtha… I think he’s somebody who knows of which he speaks.

That granting of unquestionable credibility to Murtha was persistent in both the Democratic Party and the media before and after his Haditha remarks. Months before his Haditha remarks, in November 2005, Murtha called for the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq, and became an overnight media hero, with glowing media treatment. For example: New York Times; CNN; NPR; and WaPo.

Months after Murtha made those remarks about Marines killing civilians in cold blood, and the Democrats took the House in the Novemeber 2006 election, the new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, endorsed Murtha to be the House Majority Leader, granting stature to Murtha well after Al Jazeera, like much of our media, had been using Murtha as a credible source to confirm the supposed Marine killing rampage.

One of the contributors to the left-liberal and Democrat supporting blog, The Left Coaster, Steve Soto, began an article (May, 2006) quoting Murtha as follows:

“This is the kind of war you have to win the hearts and minds of the people. And we’re set back every time something like this happens. This is worse than Abu Ghraib.”

He then quoted Murtha again:

“I will not excuse murder, and this is what happened,” Murtha said. “This investigation should have been over two or three weeks afterward and it should have been made public and people should have been held responsible for it.”

(The fuller quote of Murtha reads: “But I will not excuse murder. And this is what happened. There’s no question in my mind about it.”) 

In between those quotes by Murtha, Soto wrote:

“We all know that war is hell, and those who have fought in wars, unlike our president, vice-president, and Secretary of Defense, know the horrors of war firsthand. But there is no rationale or defense for what a group of Marines did in Haditha last November…”

Criticizing Democrats because a left-liberal blogger concludes that the Marines cannot even have a defense much less be entitled to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty may seem a stretch, as though Democrats are at all responsible for what such bloggers may write. However, just last month the official ‘Hillary for President’ blog site of her campaign announced, with obvious pleasure, that Hillary’s candidacy had just been endorsed by the same Steve Soto:

Steve Soto of The Left Coaster Endorses Hillary

It has long been known that perusing the stories and comments at Daily Kos will reveal some folks apparently living in an alternate reality. Using the Kos search function on “Haditha” one finds something unremarkable (for that site) but worth pointing out: the take on Haditha has not at all or little changed since May of 2006 to now, despite dismissals of charges against some of the Marines and the unraveling of the rampage theme. Most commentaries, comments and stories in the last few weeks still presuppose the Marines as guilty of murder, and the only two I found that acknowledge charges being dropped concluded that – the military is covering up the cold blooded murders that of course happened, one with the charming headline: “LG James Mattis, War Crimes Enabler and Pardoner of Killbots.”

Yet earlier this month, Democratic Presidential contenders Senator Clinton, Senator Obama, former Senator Edwards, Senator Dodd, former Senator Gravel, Governor Richardson and Congressman Kucinich all attended the Yearly Kos gathering. Senate Majority Leader Reid and Speaker Pelosi as well as Congressman Emanuel and Senator Schumer planned to be there but cancelled because the Senate and House were still in session and voting. The Democratic leaders have by their actions attested to the Kos crowd being their constituency, and that constituency has overwhelmingly judged the Marines as guilty and continues to do so. For that Kos crowd, Murtha is a hero.

When Lt. Gen. Mattis dismissed the charges against Lance Cpl. Sharratt last month, his statement seemed to be obviously intended in some degree to address Murtha, though I saw no report that made that connection. Note Murtha’s comment, and compare:

Murtha: ‘Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them, and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood.’

Lt. Gen Mattis: “The challenges of this combat environment put extreme pressures on our Marines. Notwithstanding, operational, moral and legal imperatives demand that we Marines stay true to our own standards and maintain compliance with the law of war in this morally bruising environment.

With the dismissal of these charges, LCpl Sharratt may fairly conclude that he did his best to live up to the standards, followed by U.S. fighting men throughout our many wars, in the face of life or death decisions made in a matter of seconds in combat…and as he has always remained cloaked in the presumption of innocence, with this dismissal of charges, he remains in the eyes of the law – and in my eyes – innocent.”

The liberal and Democrat friendly media also played its part as judge of those Marines and Al Qaeda advertising consultants, and making sure that it was understood that Bush owned Haditha.  New York Times 6/4/2006:

“Now that we have reached the one place we most wanted to avoid, it will not do to focus blame narrowly on the Marine unit suspected of carrying out these killings and ignore the administration officials, from President Bush on down, who made the chances of this sort of disaster so much greater by deliberately blurring the rules governing the conduct of American soldiers in the field.”

Again, one would think ‘blame’ came after ‘suspected’ became ‘proven’. Then there is Time magazine, May 2006:

“But one morning last November, some members of Kilo Company apparently didn’t attempt to distinguish between enemies and innocents. Instead, they seem to have gone on the worst rampage by U.S. service members in the Iraq war, killing as many as 24 civilians in cold blood.”

Writing for Newsweek (Out of Control June 2, 2006), Eleanor Clift had this:

“Whether the Haditha rampage is an understandable occurrence in war, however horrific, or whether the administration bears some blame in overstressing the troops will be debated.”

Note that what will be debated, according to Clift, is “understandable occurrence” or the administration at fault, but the ‘”Haditha rampage” is a given, presented as fact! Clift continues with:

‘The systematic execution of civilians, including women and children, evoked memories of Vietnam, another war that had soured. Lt. William Calley led his platoon into the village of My Lai…’

To Clift and Newsweek, the rampage and systematic execution of civilians is simply established fact! However. There is something else of importance in what Clift wrote.

For years there have been charges made by Democrats that the Bush administration pressured the intelligence agencies to distort intelligence on Iraq to support the case for war. When the ‘Report of the Select Committee on Intelligence on the U.S. Intelligence Community’s Prewar Intelligence Assessments on Iraq’ was issued in July 2004, and found no such pressure, the Democrats came up with the concept of an indirect pressure in that the agencies knew what BushCo wanted to hear, and simply tried to please the bosses. Would that kind of reasoning be applicable to what happened to the Marines? In his book Warlord, Marine Lt. Ilario Pantano’s account of his experience of being charged with the murder of Iraqi non-combatants, Pantano detailed a seeming eagerness among some lawyer officers in the NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) above and beyond what could be called a reasonable response to the facts as they are established. Pantano was found to be not guilty.

Was there undue pressure put on the Marine command in this matter? Surely the Democrats who care about and support the troops will want to have hearings about that. The Bush administration most certainly would have taken the position that if crimes had been committed, they would have to be punished quickly and severely. Murtha had already called Haditha worse than Abu Ghraib, and is it possible that members of the Bush administration, having had the war effort burned by the months of continuous reporting on that story, wanted to get this one handled quickly, with any guilty parties judged and sentenced, and in doing so, led to an overreaction by the NCIS and Marine Corps? Likewise, the principal Democrat making accusations of cold blooded murder, Murtha, was the ranking member of the House Appropriations Committee, and had a great deal of influence over the defence budget. Murtha, if he was telling the truth, claimed to be getting information from the highest levels in the Marine Corps:

Last week, Rep. John Murtha, D-Pennsylvania, a decorated retired Marine colonel who is opposed to the war in Iraq, said the investigation of the Haditha deaths would show that the civilian toll was higher than 15 and that the Marines killed them “in cold blood.” He said he received his information from U.S. commanders.


Murtha, a Pennsylvania Democrat, said reports “from the highest level” found the killings took place in the absence of firing from insurgent forces.’

AP was making similar claims:

Pentagon officials, speaking Wednesday to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity in Washington, said evidence collected about the deaths of 24 Iraqis in Haditha supported allegations that Marines deliberately fired on civilians, including women and children.

As was NBC News:

‘One military official says it appears the civilians were deliberately killed by the Marines, who were outraged at the death of their fellow Marine. “This one is ugly,” one official told NBC News.

For almost a year and a half there had been a continuous series of supposed leaks from unidentified Pentagon or military sources, reported in the media. Those media reports of those leaks, though, were invariably prejudicial against the Marines, and that is especially odd given the dismissed charges. Would a Congress that supports the troops not be interested in military officials leaking details of an ongoing investigation that may be, for some, a violation of the UCMJ? Those supposed leaks also lead to another possible similarity with the initial beauchamp “Shock Troops”and TNR.

When the Beauchamp claim of soldiers running over stray dog with Bradley Fighting Vehicles was questioned, most especially by milbloggers familiar with Bradleys, TNR issued a report claiming to have spoken with an expert from the company that manufactured the Bradleys and that he stated that it was indeed possible to do so. TNR did not name that source.

That’s when Bob Owens of the blog Confederate Yankee got involved, and made contact with TNR’s source, Doug Coffey, Head of Communications, Land & Armaments, for BAE Systems, the Bradley IFV’s manufacturer. Coffey readily admitted that he had been contacted by a staffer at TNR, but said that the questions he was asked were, according to Owen, ‘couched in generalities’, such as “if it was possible for a dog to get caught in the tracks”. In other words, while there was no need to keep the identity of the source undisclosed, TNR did so because that source did not confirm the claims made by Beauchamp, but TNR wanted it to appear that he did.

So was there an assortment of folks in the military giving the media a series of leaks prejudicial to the Marines, or, were members of the media cherry-picking or embellishing what they were told to make it ‘fit’, and since the media did not name the sources, the source themselves could also not be sure that what the press claimed came from what he or she supposedly said! That is worth investigating, with persistence.

Then there is this, “Challenges for Moderate Muslims,” written by By Husain Haqqani of the Center on Islam, Democracy and the Future of the Muslim World, May 31, 2006:

“After years of being intimidated by radical Islamists and authoritarian regimes, Muslim moderates have gradually started to organize within the Muslim world as well as in Europe and North America. But the moderates cannot successfully invite fellow believers to embrace western ideals of tolerance and liberal democracy if every few months the west itself stands in the dock for atrocities such as Guantánamo, Abu Ghraib and now Haditha…The U.S. decision to investigate allegations of a massacre of civilians in the Iraqi town of Haditha might help overcome the outrage caused by such a tragic event. At the same time, it would be useful to inquire into the reasons why soldiers are periodically violating their own ethics, be it at Abu Ghraib or in Haditha.”

Again, the presupposition that the Haditha rampage story is accurate. But can the author or those moderate Muslims be faulted completely for jumping to that conclusion when a leading Congressman, with a high degree of credibility with the media and his party, had said it was so only days before? Our soldiers have been making heroic and heart warming attempts to win the hearts and minds of the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. How much of that work, some done while they are facing mortal danger, is undone by the Haditha beauchamp?

If none of that suffices as grounds for a Congressional hearing, certainly this must:

“In the case of Haditha, the terrorists’ media strategy worked and caused a lot of problems. An anti-war congressman claimed that a cover-up of cold-blooded murder by the Marines occurred. There was a controversy that has gone on for a number of months. And al Qaeda will come away with articles about massacres that never happened. It is a partial media victory for the terrorists – mostly because the lies have been somewhat unraveled, but the truth will not get the same airplay as the false claims.“That said, a partial victory is still a victory, and it will have a price that is yet to be determined. The new recruits will give them a larger talent pool – and that means they may find terrorists who can infiltrate into the West and carry out attacks like those of 9/11 and the London attacks of 2005. The ammo given to the anti-war movement will make it harder to sustain military operations against terrorists – and the investigations will have ripple effects around the military. As a result, Al-Qaeda may have more secure safe havens in the future.”
The Lie Mutually Agreed Upon by Harold C. Hutchison, July 29, 2007

That was from Strategy Page, which can of course be dismissed as some kind of right wing shill (Kos-talk), but this is from Mother Jones and the liberal ‘The Century Foundation’:

“Long before the broader American public had even heard the name Haditha, the alleged massacre that unfolded there represented a major public relations coup for insurgents in Iraq eager to portray U.S. forces as cowboy occupiers with contempt for Iraqi life. The morbid caricature of crazed American gunmen executing entire Iraqi families seems tailor-tailor made for the skilled propagandists who galvanize support across the Muslim world for violent Jihad, and erode America’s credibility in the broader international community. But in dismissing the reporters so hastily, the spokesman brushed aside the most damning-and for the insurgents, the most promising-aspect of these horrible allegations: the fact that they appear to be true.”

Even while falling for the Haditha beauchamp as true, The Century Foundation realized that the Haditha fable would galvanize support for Jihad!

For nearly three years we have suffered through a myriad of Democrats and liberal media types infuriated that the Bush administration “outed” covert agent Valerie Plame, putting her life and even those of her husband and children in danger, simply to punish her husband, Joe Wilson, for “criticizing” the Bush lead up to the war in Iraq. Never mind that Wilson lied, or that Valerie Plame was not a covert agent.

The Haditha beauchamp has most certainly aided and abetted the recruitment of killers for Al Qaeda and other groups for the purpose of killing us and our soldiers. We, Americans, even Americans in high places in our government, did this to ourselves.

At the Yearly Kos 2006, Senator Harry Reid had this to say:

“During the Clinton years, the House Government Reforms Committee issued 1,052 subpoenas to the Clinton administration and more than that to the Democratic National Committee…That’s a lot of subpoenas. How many do you think they’ve issued regarding Abu Ghraib or Haditha? Zero.”

Here’s your chance, Harry. The Democrats now controlling the Senate and the House have been anything but reticent about holding hearings and issuing subpoenas. If you and your party really support our troops, you will do so on this subject, and find out why this happened.

The rest of us should be very persistent in demanding that. Don’t just let those who endanger and hurt our troops skulk away, only to come back again later. Hold the ground. Hold the truth. Being called a thug is a small price to pay

Kitt Jarrell has a post from Marine SGT Tim Sumner regarding his trip to Murtha’s office to deliver emails regarding Murtha appologizing…

This comes in from Marine SGT Tim Sumner:

I visited John Murtha’s Congressional district office in Johnstown yesterday and delivered these emails, as promised, with Darryl Sharrett’s on top of the stack.

For the benefit of anyone new to this web site or to this thread:

On May 17, 2006, Congressman Murtha said Marines had, “killed innocent civilians in cold blood,” in Haditha, Iraq.

Darryl Sharratt lives in the district that Congressman Murtha represents.

Mr. Sharratt’s son, Marine Lance Corporal Justin Sharratt, is under investigation for the November 19, 2005, deaths of civilians in Haditha.

The investigating officer has strong recommended that the charges against LCpl Sharratt be dismissed.

On July 10, 2007, Congressman Murtha’s office stated that, “Congressman Murtha doesn’t have a statement because the investigation is still ongoing.”

I went to Congressman Murtha’s office yesterday to inquire, not to protest.

While his greeting was professionally friendly, the eyes of man at the reception desk slightly narrowed as I stated my purpose. He could not comment, took the emails, and disappeared for ten minutes beyond a closed door.

The man he returned with was courteous and our 30-minute conversation was conducted in a civil tone throughout. He mostly listened and reinterated Congressman Murtha’s position: the “killed innocent civilians in cold blood” comment was often taken out of context and the stress our troops were under contributed to the deaths of civilians.

If I had spoken with Congressman Murtha directly, I would have asked him to describe the honor he felt last year when he publicly prejudged United States Marines as cold blooded murderers, long before the investigation was complete, and in light of the investigating officer’s recommendation to dismiss LCpl Sharratt’s charges.

His senior aide never said it yet I left believing that Congressman Murtha’s silence now, his refusal to comment this year about an ongoing investigation is a rock and a hard place, an untenable political position of his own choosing. He can never apologize.

We are beginning to learn that some or perhaps all of the Haditha Marines were engaged with the enemy or perceived threats. They could not cut and run. Their oath, training, and rules demanded that they engage and stay in the fight. (You can learn more here, at the War Chronicle.)

John Murtha, the civilian politician, is up for reelection next year. I believe that if he breaks political “cover,” if he fails to act “bravely” and hold his position, he thinks he will be caught out in the open during a primary or the general election next year. The only “honorable” thing to do, in John Murtha’s mind, is to dig in, fight and win, or die a politcal death in place.

John Edwards – I Don’t Know a Lot

Unalienable Rights has a quick witted look at John Edwards, considering Universal Healthcare is a big part of his platform and considering the controversy over Michael Moore’s Sicko, you would think John Edwards would know a bit more about Cuba’s Healthcare System…

John Edwards: “I’m going to be honest with you — I don’t know a lot…”

Wow. We knew John Edwards is oily, disingenuous, and phony to the core, but we did not know he is also apparently a real ignoramus. Via the Captain’s Quarters blog:

“I’m going to be honest with you — I don’t know a lot about Cuba’s healthcare system,” Edwards, D-N.C., said at an event in Oskaloosa, Iowa. “Is it a government-run system?”

Tune in next week as Edwards asks, “I don’t know, is the Pope Catholic?”

How can anyone take the man seriously as a candidate for the highest office in the land? Thankfully, so far a minority of Americans seem to be falling for the con. Hopefully this positive trend will continue.

Remember when, in the 2000 campaign, George W. Bush was attacked mercilessly for not knowing the names of a few obscure foreign leaders? Let’s sit back and watch now to see if the “non-partisan, fair and objective” DeMSM will pounce on Edwards for this glaring ignorance of such a well-known fact. We would not advise holding your breath.

Meanwhile, we can apply the “shoe on the other foot test” — imagine what the response would be from the press (not to mention the nutroots/Angry Left blogs!) if Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney asked if the health care system in Cuba was government-run.

Great Balls of Allah

In what Muslims are calling blashpemous, the US military has given Allah a kick to balls by putting the Saudi Arabian flag on soccer balls that were dropped over Afghanistan for childen to play with. The BBC plays PC with Allah’s balls and blurs out the offensive material, hey don’t want riots at home now do ya? We know how tolerant the British Muslim Extremists are, careful or they will try to drive another SUV bomb into an airport, maybe Heathrow this time.

Little Green Football’s has the scoop.

US troops are accused of “insulting Islam” again, for distributing soccer balls bearing the flag of Saudi Arabia: ’Blasphemous’ balls anger Afghans.

A demonstration has been held in south- east Afghanistan accusing US troops of insulting Islam after they distributed footballs bearing the name of Allah.

The balls showed the Saudi Arabian flag which features the Koranic declaration of faith. The US military said the idea had been to give something for Afghan children to enjoy and they did not realise it would cause offence.

The footballs were dropped from a helicopter in Khost province.

Some displayed flags from countries all over the world, including Saudi Arabia, which features the shahada, one of the five pillars of Islam – the declaration of faith.

The words, which include the name of Allah, are revered, and Muslims are very sensitive about where and how they can be used.

“Sensitive,” in this case, being defined as “prone to murderous rage.”

To show how sensitive they are to this extreme sensitivity, the BBC sensitively blurs the offensive segment of the ball in their photograph.


Michelle Maklin has more including how the military is stumbling over it’s feet to apologize

Burn them!

File this under “No good deed goes unpunished” by the Religion of Perpetual Outrage:

A demonstration has been held in south- east Afghanistan accusing US troops of insulting Islam after they distributed footballs bearing the name of Allah.

The balls showed the Saudi Arabian flag which features the Koranic declaration of faith.

The US military said the idea had been to give something for Afghan children to enjoy and they did not realise it would cause offence.

The footballs were dropped from a helicopter in Khost province.

Some displayed flags from countries all over the world, including Saudi Arabia, which features the shahada, one of the five pillars of Islam – the declaration of faith.

The words, which include the name of Allah, are revered, and Muslims are very sensitive about where and how they can be used.

As we’ve learned from Rushdie Rage, MoCartoon Rage, Burger King Ice Cream Cone Rage, Koran Flushing Rage, Valentine’s Day Rage, Veil Rage, Pope Rage, Fallaci Rage, Miss World Pageant Rage, and Rushdie Knighthood Rage, they’re pretty damned “sensitive” (read: ready to riot) about everything.

For crying out loud:

Mullahs in Afghanistan criticised the US forces for their insensitivity, and around 100 people held a demonstration in Khost.

Afghan MP Mirwais Yasini said: “To have a verse of the Koran on something you kick with your foot would be an insult in any Muslim country around the world.”

A spokeswoman for the US forces in Afghanistan said they made “significant efforts to work with local leaders, mullahs and elders to respect their culture” and distributing the footballs was an effort to give a gift the Afghan children would enjoy.

Instead of taking Allah’s name off its flag, Saudi Arabia is whining about football manufacturers putting the flag on its balls. But do you have any doubt in your minds that those manufacturers would be damned by the Islamophobe card-playing rabble-rousers if they purposely left the Allah-bearing flag off its balls?

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Military officials, who did nothing wrong, can’t apologize fast enough:

Sgt. Dean Welch, a spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition, said Friday’s “distribution of soccer balls was done in the spirit of goodwill, something that we hoped would bring Afghan children some enjoyment.”

“We regret any disturbance that was caused in this case,” he said. “If we hurt one person, that is one too many.”

Ridiculous groveling. Robert Spencer predicted the predictable about these blasphemous balls back in May 2006. LGF weighs in on the Dreaded Balls of Blasphemy.

Perhaps we should put this Arabic script on the next supply of soccer balls:


Fleiss & Jameson to Camp Hillary

Debbie Schlussel has a hysterical piece on Heidei Fleiss and Jenna Jameson’s support of Hillary Clinton.

Well, since Marla Maples is also raising money for Hillary, maybe it should be “Hookers AND Sluts for Hillary.” And Porn Stars, too. You knew something like this was coming. With Hillary, it’s all about crashing the Glass–and in this case, Silicone–ceiling:

I’m a big fan of Hillary’s. Any woman who’s smart, how can you not be?” Democrat Heidi Fleiss, 41, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal earlier this week.”Even if you’re a Republican, if you’re a woman and you’re smart, you have to respect her,” she said.

heidifleiss.jpgjennajameson.jpgFleiss & Jameson: Disease Incubators for Hillary

Powerful stuff from a woman who did hard time for routing glamazon sheet surfers to Left Coast power players, and who owns a yuppie laundromat and plans a Vegas-area brothel with a cunningly feminist twist – female customers, male employees. . . .Porn star Jenna Jameson, who announced her retirement from adult films, recently set the public record straight that she is also solidly in the Clinton camp.

Boy, isn’t all this grrlpower (to take your clothes off and have sex with hundreds of strangers) grand?

More Hillary Family Values–like these–to come. Thanks to reader A.M. for the tip.

I bet Bill is hoping for a little Camp David vacation… Hey at least with Jenna we know there will be no Blue Dress evidence…

As a side note, I believe the “brothel” that Fleiss is tring to open up, is suppose to be a replica of the White House… maybe old Bill can be put out to stud there… I bet John Edwards could make a few bucks there too, that should make up for his $40,000/year at his charity for the poor…

Greek Fires – Act of Terrorism

Atlas Shrugs, has posted that the fires in Greece are the result of Terrorist Acts. She sites a source that has determined that arson devices with cell phone triggers have been found in areas where fires were started. Satellite imagry has shown that within the course of an hour several fires started over a wide range of areas.

As Atlas Shrugs, the main stream media is non-reporant on this developing information.

Panagiotis Efstathiou, a senior Health Ministry official, said 49 bodies were taken to hospitals.
“We still have missing (people) who haven’t been found. We have about 10 missing,” Zaharo Mayor Pantazis Chronopoulos said, adding that soldiers had begun checking burned houses for more victims.

So many fires breaking out simultaneously in so many parts of the country cannot be a coincidence,” Karamanlis said in a nationally televised address. “The state will do everything it can to find those responsible and punish them.” ABC News

Frank asked the most obvious question that the mainstream media deliberately ignores. Who set Greece afire? This comes from Skai tv station in Greece, a very unbiased source of news:

The police, the armed forces and the Greek antiterrorism authorities have found arson devices in Greek forest areas which are triggered by mobile phones.

Satellite images reveal that within a space of a single hour, many fires appeared in different locations of Greece. The plan was to make the fire brigate forces overstretch.

It is certainly a terrorist attack. George Karatzaferis, the leader of the right wing party, LAOS, called the day, ‘Greece’s 9/11’.

Who did it is anyone’s guess. It could be Greek anarchists or radical groups of Greece’s northern neighbours which have claims on northern Greece. We should never forget that there will be general elections in Greece soon. Who might have an interest from an image of a weak and overstretched state mechanism?

The BBC makes no mention of it in their rather long(winded) piece here: Greek fires threaten ancient city.

A 65-year-old man was arrested and charged with arson and multiple counts of homicide in a fire that killed six people in Areopolis, a town in the southern Peloponnese, said fire department spokesman Nikos Diamandis. Separately, two youths were arrested on suspicion of arson in the northern Greek city of Kavala, he said. Their parents were also to face charges, he said.

No names have been released.

Here is a 3 day satellite picture of the Greek Fires in Southern Greece