Uncle Allah Wants You

Islamic Jihadist have posted on an Islamic website hosted in MN, instructions on how to become a Jihadist, which includes a call to ALL Muslims to take on the personal responsibility of Jihad. In the NYT blog post to gather ideas to kill Americans, the author claimed that terrorists would not be reading his blog, well this sounds quite a bit like his blog in respect to brainstorming ideas to kill Americans via a website…

An Islamist Web site recently posted an item titled “How to Join Al Qaeda,” calling on Muslims to regard jihad as a personal duty and to buy weapons, brainstorm and plot plans to kill Americans.

“Assassinating the ambassador takes no more than a gun and a bullet,” according to the alleged posting.

A jihad cell should have no more than five members — “all absolutely trustworthy” — with a commander who is “Osama bin Laden to the cell members,” according to the posting.

After obtaining funding, members of a cell should “buy weapons, make plans, brainstorm, plot your plans, monitor your enemy’s important objectives, and study its moves,” according to the posting. “Set a goal; for example, assassinating the American ambassador — is it so difficult? Is it difficult for something who has already crushed America in her own home?”

The members must be secret, perform intelligence tasks, collect information, raise funds, recruit other members and assist in operations.

“Those who act in the open must perform the primary military operations, such as assassinations, firing at enemy facilities, etc.,” according to the post.

The Middle East Media Research Institute, a group based in Washington, D.C., that monitors about 90 of these types of Web sites, translated the posting. The Web site started in Egypt, then went inactive and appeared again under a different name. The Web site passed through Site Genie, an American service provider in Rochester, Minn.

Click here to read the report from the Middle East Media Research Institute.

The Minnesota Joint Terrorist Task Force is investigating the alleged posting, said Paul McCabe, a spokesman for the FBI in Minneapolis.

The Jawa Report has two articles related to this, the first discuss the quick demise of the site, the second discusses the EU Islamic Jihadist that are upset that the site was taken down.

People wake up something is in the works, look at each of the recent events and then look at the whole of them.


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