Politically Correct – No More Anti-Semites, They are Jew Haters

Another change to the meaning of words… anti-Zionism is the new PC term for anti-Jewish, this has been for quite a while, I believe Dr. Martin Luther King first made mention of this. It has become so ingrained into the hate mongers and general society, that it is now an acceptable term. Atlas Shrugs reports that anti-semite has been changed to mean anti-arab, in order to remove the intonation and block people from using the term. Yes, native arabs are semites, however the terminolgy of anti-semtism came about because of the persecution of the Jews. It is a proper name for the Jew haters of the world. Just like the recent call by Tiny to have Christians and Jews call G”d Allah, this is another way for the Islamitizing of our societies. We can no longer call Jew Haters Anti-Semites. Well then let’s call them what they are Jew Haters.

In the parallel universe where ‘good’ is viewed as  ‘evil’ and ‘evil’  ‘good, the development of the parallel language continues to distort, confound, confuse, obfuscate, and abet in murder. The language of the absurd.

Anti-semite now means anti-Arab. BTW, you’ll notice I rarely use the word antisemite. I use Jew hate. Antisemitism is a bullshit term for an ugly, fatal hate.

What’s next? Are they going top start calling Islamazis Jews, and and Jews Islamazis?

At a Jew bashing conference of Islamic nations, aptly named the UN Anti-Racism Conference, groundwork continued apace for the coming of the second holocaust.

Islamic group alleges ‘smear campaign’ against conference; Libya elected chair, Iran and Cuba as vice-chairs UN Watch.org

Syria today said that 9/11 opened the door to new forms of racism and associated intolerance against “Semitic” people. This brings us right back to the pernicious subversion of language that surrounded Durban I, where the word antisemitism — the term for hatred or persecution of Jews — was gutted of all meaning. Recall article 46 of Durban’s NGO Declaration: “…Anti-Arab racism is another form of anti-semitism and Islamaphobia.” And article 79: “Arabs as a Semitic people have also suffered from alternative forms of anti semitism, manifesting itself as anti-Arab discrimination and for those Arabs who are Muslim, also as Islamophobia.”

Read the whole exercise in anti-humanity here.

Ishcabibble, ishcabobble now kill the Jew.  Next!


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