Excuses in a Huff

The Huffington Post writer Martin Lewis has not come out claiming that his piece suggesting a military coup was just satire. Under obvious pressure to relieve the Huffington of possible backlash, which already accured across the blogshere, and a political backlash, possible legal actions, Lewis has concoted this excuse.

LGF has the scoop again

Martin Lewis, who wrote that twisted article at Huffington Post calling for Gen. Peter Pace to stage a military coup and arrest President Bush, now says he was only kidding. Wingnuts are “smearing” him for nothing more than a little joke: Martin Lewis: ‘Let’s Twist Again’: Right-wing Bloggers Smear HuffPost.

Here’s the link to his uproarious piece of brilliant satire. See if you can spot teh funny: Martin Lewis: General Pace, You Can Save the US – by Arresting Bush for ‘Conduct Unbecoming’.

Allahpundit points out this comment left by Lewis, defending his original post.

I ask General Pace to do two things. One is to relieve the President of his command as Commander-In-Chief. The other is to place the President under military arrest. It is arguable as to the conflict between the Constitution and the Uniform Code Of Military Justice. One of the important legal ramifications of My Lai was the obligation to relieve a senior officer of his/her command in exceptional circumstances. If General Pace was performing a military imperative in a peaceful, non-threatening manner and simply informed Mr. Bush that he was being relieved of his military command, there would be no justification for the Secret Service to act as you suggest. Whatever the ultimate consequence, the impact of such a courageous and noble act on behalf of his nation, would be significant.

We haven’t witnessed such mastery of the subtle art of satire since Mark Twain.

Allahpundit suspects Lewis was “encouraged” to issue this ludicrous defense by an embarrassed Arianna Huffington. Sounds likely.


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