Daily Kos – Huff-lite

The Daily Kos has followed in step with the Huffington Post, in publishing an article calling for the seizure of GW Bush’s assests. These liberal nutcases are really grasping at straws. The Kos is smart enought not to suggest a military coup however. but I think the implication is there non the less.

From LGF

Today’s message from the new mainstream voice of the modern Democratic Party: Daily Kos: George W. Bush’s Property Should Be Seized.

OK, so how did I get to this conclusion?

The war itself is threatening peace and stability in Iraq. Our current regime has, in fact, undermined efforts to promote economic reconstruction and political reform in Iraq and failed to provide humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi people. We are building an Embassy larger than the Vatican for Christ sakes. Yet the people of Iraq have no water and hardly any Food. Our occupation of Iraq is the number one reason that the Country is unstable. The US is stealing their oil, further hurting their economy.

For these reasons alone, by law, Bush must have his assets frozen NOW, his Property Seized, And sent to Gitmo for Water Boarding! Him and everyone in his sector. You wrote the law Chimpy, read em and weep.

I know it is far fetched, but one can only hope.

(Hat tip: JammieWearingFool.)

UPDATE at 8/27/07 10:15:40 am:

And here’s a bonus Daily Kos diary from lefty hateblogger “Booman” (boo!), accusing Joe Lieberman of dual loyalty and suggesting that the US should stop supporting Israel. It’s the new progressive realism: Daily Kos: Talking Realism With the Establishment.

We need to start planning for a future where we do not dominate the Middle East.  This will involve significant economic risks…especially for the availability of cheap and readily available energy.  It also suggests that Israel should start getting serious about a permanent, sustainable accommodation with the Palestinians and their neighbors.  Keeping a few of their most ardent and unquestioning supporters, like Joe Lieberman, in the U.S. Senate is not going to be enough to sustain an acceptable level of security.  We cannot continue to take on the blowback risks and international hit to our moral standing that our support for Israel currently entails.


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