Fleiss & Jameson to Camp Hillary

Debbie Schlussel has a hysterical piece on Heidei Fleiss and Jenna Jameson’s support of Hillary Clinton.

Well, since Marla Maples is also raising money for Hillary, maybe it should be “Hookers AND Sluts for Hillary.” And Porn Stars, too. You knew something like this was coming. With Hillary, it’s all about crashing the Glass–and in this case, Silicone–ceiling:

I’m a big fan of Hillary’s. Any woman who’s smart, how can you not be?” Democrat Heidi Fleiss, 41, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal earlier this week.”Even if you’re a Republican, if you’re a woman and you’re smart, you have to respect her,” she said.

heidifleiss.jpgjennajameson.jpgFleiss & Jameson: Disease Incubators for Hillary

Powerful stuff from a woman who did hard time for routing glamazon sheet surfers to Left Coast power players, and who owns a yuppie laundromat and plans a Vegas-area brothel with a cunningly feminist twist – female customers, male employees. . . .Porn star Jenna Jameson, who announced her retirement from adult films, recently set the public record straight that she is also solidly in the Clinton camp.

Boy, isn’t all this grrlpower (to take your clothes off and have sex with hundreds of strangers) grand?

More Hillary Family Values–like these–to come. Thanks to reader A.M. for the tip.

I bet Bill is hoping for a little Camp David vacation… Hey at least with Jenna we know there will be no Blue Dress evidence…

As a side note, I believe the “brothel” that Fleiss is tring to open up, is suppose to be a replica of the White House… maybe old Bill can be put out to stud there… I bet John Edwards could make a few bucks there too, that should make up for his $40,000/year at his charity for the poor…


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