Terrorist Consultant for the TSA

Debbie Schlussel reports that the TSA has acquired Imad Hamad a “former” terrorist with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to conduct “Sensitivity Training”. What a load of crap. At the very least it is stupid having a terrorist conduct sensitivity training for anyone. Second, to hire a terrorist, former or current, to work with TSA personnel is a security risk.

I can’t imagine the consigliere of the Gambino Family or the Purple Gang’s top hitman instructing cops and federal agents on the importance of being sensitive to Italian- and Jewish-Americans. (But, hey, neither of those groups wanted to destroy America and convert them to their religion.)

So, that’s why–while no surprise–it’s a huge disappointment that the Transportation Security Administration enlisted “former” Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist Imad Hamad to conduct sensitivity training of TSA officials, agents, and other personnel.

imadhamadafat.jpgtsa.jpgGot Security?: Islamic Terrorist Imad Hamad Trains TSA(Hamadafat by Six Meat Buffet/Preston Taylor Holmes)That’s especially amusing, since Hamad engaged in marriage fraud to become a citizen, is an open supporter of HAMAS and Hezbollah, and is closely tied to Islamic charities that are funding and money-laundering for HAMAS and Al-Qaeda (and he remains a subject of over a dozen terrorism-related investigations, according to an FBI source). And that’s not to mention Hamad’s active participation–in the ’80s–in recruiting for PFLP, the group that hijacked planes filled with Americans and took them hostage. PFLP also perpetrated several homicide bombings in Israel and the assassination of Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze’evi. Oh, and I almost forgot: The U.S. tried to deport Hamad for several decades.

Hmmm . . . maybe he can educate TSA officials on the culinary delights of the “Labneh Sandwich” (the code phrase used by PFLP terrorist Layla Khalid to signal the PFLP hijackings of the planes were a go).

And more bad news:

TSA managers were so interested and involved in the discussion that ADC was asked to conduct a similar session in the near future with all TSA airport supervisors. At the conclusion of the session, Imad Hamad was presented with a special TSA Certificate of Appreciation for his “support and cooperation in addressing important community and security matters.”

Uh, didn’t they hear that the FBI revoked a scheduled award to Hamad because of who he is? Kip Hawley (TSA chief), don’t you read the papers?

Yup, that’s who I want advising my federal security officials of “important . . . security matters,” an Islamic terrorist who openly supports their jihad. Feel safe on your plane?

Imad Hamad, Islamic terrorist AND TSA Sensitivity Trainer.

Nice work if you can get it. But . . . you have to be a “former” terrorist and current investigative target to qualify.

Hey, Sami Al-Arian and Zacarias Moussaoui, I hear there’s a job out there for you when you get early release from prison.

Or they could just settle for being best buddies with a high-ranking Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Special Agent in Charge.


Next month maybe we can get him back and train the TSA in security measures or maybe have DHS use him to conduct classes on hostage negotiations.


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