Hijackers – We Are Muslims

A Turk with a Syrian passport and a Palestinian claiming to be Al Qaeda hijacked a Turkish airline proclaimed We Are Muslims to the passengers yesterday. I think they should have proclaimed they were Incompetant. There were no injuries/deaths in this incident. Many passengers escaped by breaking through a barrier in the rear of the plane and jumping down 10′ to the tarmac, while other hostages were held for around 4 hours.

Little Green Footballs take

Two men hijacked a plane flying to Istanbul this morning, apparently as a “protest” against the United States. The incident ended without violence, thankfully, but one of the hijackers produced our line of the day.

 NPR details the events of the hijacking

The hijacking Saturday of a Turkish airliner carrying 136 passengers from northern Cyprus to Istanbul ended without bloodshed. After a five-hour standoff at a Turkey’s Antalya airport, the hijackers, said to be a Turk and a Syrian, surrendered.

Before the surrender, dozens of passengers had already escaped the plane by breaking through a door in the back of the aircraft. The passengers jumped more then 10 feet to the tarmac below.

Later, the hijackers released remaining hostages, one by one, out of the front of the plane.

The hijackers claimed to have a bomb and a knife. They initially demanded that the plane be flown to Iran. But the hijackers were unable to break into the cockpit. The pilots were the first to escape from the aircraft after it landed in Antalya.

Passengers said the hostage-takers identified themselves as Muslims protesting against the United States.

In the end, the hijackers surrendered with their hands in the air. They shook hands with Turkish officials before being seated in a police car and taken away for interrogation.


  • Palestinian involved in International Terror and a Turk with a Syrian passport claiming to be Al Qaeda trying to go to Iran supposedly to show opposition against the US. Hmmm, sounds more like plain terrorism to me. They only gave up because they had no way of controlling the plane.
  •  The two claimed to have a bomb and a knife. Well the bomb I doubt, but the knife I believe. The problem still persists with airport security and each country has its own rules. There needs to be a uniform standard and implementation of airport security. I personally think planes should be physically changed so there is no access to the cockpit from the passenger area. A separate entrance into the cockpit. This hijacking is a perfect example, the hijackers never actually made it to the cockpit and the pilots were in control the whole time, forcing a landing and ultimately saving lives.
  • Why would they have the need/desire to proclaim they were Muslims? To gain sympathy from those they were holding hostage? How many of the passengers

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