Cell Phone Directory a Reality

Remember not long ago when there was rumor of a cell phone directory that was going to be made public? You probably received one of the chainmails about it. It proved to be false at the time. However Intellus, the company that does background checks for a fee, now has a list of over 90 million cell phone numbers linked to names and addresses in there system and plan on adding another 70 million in the up and coming days. They are accessing/buying information from companies, so if you have used your cell phone as a contact number, which is not only common for people to offer up, but companies even ask for it sometimes, then your cell phone could be on the list. It is only a matter of time before these lists fall into telemarketers hands.

What is worse, is they are making all available with no limits. One person found that his 14 year old son was on the list of available numbers.

Intellus claims to be doing this so people can check out the history of say a nanny you want to hire. Well how about the pediaphile that wants to know more about your child. Or the kidnapper etc…

It appears there are no laws against this from happening at this time.

Everyone needs to contact there Senators, Representatives, state officials, local officials and start pushing for legislation that will limit at least the listing of children if not other listings.

Home phone numbers have been available to the public for a long time, so many Americans treasure the fact that their cell numbers can be kept private — or so they think. Now, all it takes is a few bucks and Internet access to find tens of millions of personal cell phone numbers.

A Web site named Intelius has created a clearinghouse of cell phone numbers that can be purchased online for $15 each. Its source — every business and company you’ve ever provided with your personal information.

“We do pay for the data, everything from government agencies to third party companies, where we compile a lot of this information together,” said Ed Peterson, vice president of sales and marketing at Intelius.

Intelius already has 90 million cell phone numbers, and it’s adding 70 million more in the coming days, along with the addresses that go with them.

“Frankly, it’s the Wild West when it comes to our personal information,” said Avivah Litan, director of research at Gartner Inc.

Intelius claims it is providing a public service that will help parents track down who is calling their children, or families checking on a nanny, but many individuals are upset that their information can be bought online.

ABC’s David Muir attempted to buy the records of three people he approached today in New York City, and they were shocked to learn he’d purchased every cell phone number and address they ever had.

Intelius even had the number of a minor.

“That’s my son … he’s 14,” said Winsome Jones.

“You can’t even assume that minors have privacy rights. Maybe this is a wake-up call once we see congressmen’s cell phone numbers on the Internet. Maybe they’ll finally start acting, but the data brokers are not regulated,” Lihtan said. “No one’s looking over their shoulder and saying you can or cannot do this.”

And until Congress takes action, Intelius’ business of selling personal information is perfectly legal.

Follow these links to access your Federal Representation:

I also recommend contacting the FCC, your state goverment, most can be reached at http://www.state.INITIALS.us. (Replace initials with your states two letter abbreviation and local officials.

This is a matter that does affect all of us and our children’s protection.


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