Seattle WA, Security Risk

Atlas Shrugs has posted an interesting piece from one of her readers. This piece seems to fit into the recent NYC precautions, the NJ “radioactiviy” culprit and the Goose Grove Fireworks Kids.

Read John Jay’s recap of events and think about it carefully, there is something in the works….

Atlas reader John Jay sent along the following. LOCATION: SEATTLE, WASHINGTON

Something a little strange happened today, as I got on the ferry just north of Seattle, Wa. A whole bunch of Coast Guard personnel were hanging around a large blue van at the end of the pier, and they were armed to the teeth.  All were wearing side arms, 9 mm Berettas in tactical holsters slung to the thigh, and clearly evident on each holster was a tactical fighting knife.  Each of the Coasties was wearing an ammo vest, with from 6 to 8 pouches of extra magazines for the pistols.

We have a lot of service guys around here, but you never see them armed out in public.  Never.

I approached them, about 10 or 12 in number, and chatted.  I asked them were they were stationed.  One of the young guys said, San Francisco, sir.  I asked if maybe they were up for a training mission, and one of them said, no, we are here to help the police and other authorities.  This apparently involved federal and state agencies across the board.  I said, well, you hear rumors about stuff, and they all shrugged sort of noncommittally, but nobody said, oh, no sir, don’t worry about that.

Something had struck me that I couldn’t put my finger on, and then it came to me, that these were not your ordinary sailors.  All of these young kids were buff, in their early twenties, with heavy shoulders and arms, and looked very muscled in the chests.  I looked for signs of body armor, but saw none: these kids were fit.  All absolutely flat stomached.  Ramrod straight.  All, very, very resolute and serious looking.  Some light banter going back and forth, but they were all very serious, and all very attentive.

As the ferry unloaded, traffic off of it was a bit slow, as cars were being checked.  Have never seen that before, as usually the disembarking cars roar off the ferry once they hit the pier.  As car pulled into the lanes to get on the ferry, the coast guard guys walked down the lanes, peering into each car, from all appearances, not worried too much about being accused of “profiling.”

Coastguardsmen were all over the ferry terminal, and all over the dock, checking walk on passengers.

When I went on the boat, I went up onto the upper decks, and the Coasties were walking on the upper deck of the boat, paired with civilians, but obviously government types  with badges and security devices all over them, wearing burgundy colored t-shirts with “TSA” on them.  I asked one of them what that meant, and I think he replied Transportation Security Agency, or something along that line. 

I had spoken with two of them while talking with the first group of servicemen, and later asked one as she walked by my car, peering in,  where are the dogs, I don’t see any, and she said, oh, don’t worry; we have them if we need them.

There were at least 15 and maybe 20 Coast Guardsmen and security types on that one ferry.  There are dozens of ferries running almost 24/7 on Puget Sound and the Straits of Juan de Fuca, some of them going back and forth between the U.S. and Canada.  If each dock had a full compliment of Coasties as this one, there have to be hundreds of Coast Guardsman in the Puget Sound right now, checking on security issues.

Again, I have to repeat, this is the first time I have ever seen armed military personnel going about in the civilian population around here.  You see them at security stations at the bases, and when they are going back and forth to summer camps in convoy and the like, but never have I seen anything like this.

The only conclusion that I can draw from this, is that they are on a very heavy alert status for either dangerous materials or dangerous persons trying to enter the Ports of Seattle or Tacoma, bent on harm.  No other explanation for it.  I have entered the Yakima Firing Center, a major M-1 Abrahams tank training facility, armed with a semi automatic version of the M-16 service rifle, to hunt coyotes and attracted less attention than I got today from the Coastguardsmen. 

I think this related in some way to the goings on in New York City that you have mentioned, and reported on so well.  Something is going down.   And, it involves our great ports.

And Warchicks take on Seattle

The terrorists are going to try things we aren’t expecting, but that are normal and people see everyday. They aren’t going to use planes–that’s already been done. They won’t use Ryder trucks…we’re already wary of Muslim men renting Ryders. They are going to need something big enough to deliver an enormous payload of explosive material without raising suspicions. I believe that they are going to use semis. No one would be suspicious seeing a semi driving into the center of a town, and with their massive trailer size, the devastation from traditional explosives would be at least 10 times what we saw in Oklahoma City. Add to that the fact that they will most likely use radioactive material along with the traditional explosives and we have deaths in the millions. They will choose Jew-heavy cities, and we might see a sudden exodus of many Muslims going on vacation, visiting friends, or flat out moving to another town. But given the muslim tendency to eat their own, we may not see them even bother to warn their own people

My other foreboding comes with our ports, but not the way you think. Given the muslim’s love for Canada and their more liberal terror of being accused of racism, I believe that they will try to destroy the Seattle port–one of the largest, most essential in America–by loading the ferries that travel back and forth between Vancouver and Puget Sound with cars that have hidden explosives. Imagine the devastation of our ports if several of them went at once. Add to that the fact that near every port are major trucking companies and you have a port blow-up putting our law enforcement resources along the coast line of America while the second wave drives semis into American heartland. It is perfect–everyone will be watching the coastlines and ships…they won’t be watching for semis. Also, they may use Mexicans, Blacks [recruited from prisons – Atlas], or Whites who have joined them to do this, as the American people who have not been Politically Castrated are going to carefully watch Muslims, whether they’re on airplanes or ferries. But the PC law enforcement are too afraid of words—racist, sexist, islamaphobe–to do much even when they’re not distracted.

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugged was the first to alert us to something going on in New York. There was a huge response there the past few days, and the authorities weakly tried to claim that the city was shut down due to rain. Pamela refused to believe that absurd explanation, and it turns out that several Israeli sites had posted news of a radioactive devise that was rumored to be set to go off in the subway. We are in this now, and our own government is NOT going to help us. Something is going on in Seattle, beyond the Islamberg city I told you about. There is a restlessness there, an anxiety that I cannot do justice to with mere words. Something is about to go down up here, and likely all along the coast line.

As Warchick points out, Canada has a large open Muslim population and if you look at the posts about Hezbollah in Windsor Canada, makes a lot of sense.  

All the signs are there, as citizens, I hope that we as a whole are responsible enought to forget about the politically correct crap and do the right thing in exposing and stopping this immenent threat.


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  1. Seattle WA, Security Risk


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