Islamification – The Devil Went Down to Georgia

“Hakim Mansour” Ellis AKA Jack Ellis, a Muslim convert and the Mayor of Macon, GA sent Hugo Chavez an official  letter of Solidarity, which Chavez acknowledged and thanked in his radio broadcast.

Ellis’ letter esential said that the local leaders in the US can get along and and stand against what the Federal Leaders do. Ellis went on to praise Chavez in how he aids low income US citizens with fuel costs, which ironically Ellis was requesting aid from Chavez for Macon.

Other Local Leaders have publically chastized Ellis for his letter, Sorry Jack I guess the other local leaders do not agree with you, it seems they are standing together against YOU.

MACON, Ga. —  Some Macon residents have called for demonstrations and boycotts after the mayor of the central Georgia city formally reached out to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez with a declaration of solidarity.

Mayor Jack Ellis said the declaration, sent about two weeks ago by courier, was a message that local leaders can stand together despite disagreements at the highest reaches of government.

Some local leaders have blasted the mayor’s decision to support Chavez, a vocal ally of Iran and Cuba who has called President Bush “the devil.”

Former mayoral candidate David Corr said the mayor’s comments were “an outrage.”

“We should condemn Chavez as an enemy of liberty,” Corr said. “In fact, we should also condemn Ellis as an enemy of liberty.”

State Rep. Allen Peake, R-Macon, said the mayor’s action “taints” the town.

“I think it’s a negative for us,” he told The Macon Telegraph. “We need to be doing things in this community that show the tremendous positives of Macon.”

Ellis praised the controversial leader, who has subsidized the cost of heating fuel for some American low-income citizens, as a champion for the common man who could offer aid to Macon’s residents.
“This is about a humanitarian effort,” he said. “This is not about politics.”

A Venezuelan Web site reported that Chavez had thanked Ellis for his support during an eight-hour broadcast of his show “Alo, Presidente,” which he used to call for a “global alliance of civilizations to resist the attacks of U.S. imperialism.”

The mayor’s decision prompted 20 pages of comments on The Telegraph’s online message board before the newspaper decided to take it down. Some called for demonstrations and other ways to signal their distaste for the mayor’s move.

Ronald Johnson, a 71-year-old resident of nearby Houston County, called the move “treasonous” and is urging neighbors to boycott the city’s businesses until Ellis is rebuked by city officials.

“It’s unbelievable that he would do what he’s done,” said Johnson. “That is so wrong.”

Ellis, a Democrat, is serving his second term as mayor and cannot seek re-election because of term limits.

He announced in February that he had converted to Islam and was working to legally change his name to Hakim Mansour Ellis. Ellis, who was raised Christian, said he became a Sunni Muslim during a December ceremony in the west African nation of Senegal.


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  1. Ellis praised the controversial leader, who has subsidized the cost of heating fuel for some American low-income citizens, as a champion for the common man who could offer aid to Macon’s residents.
    “This is about a humanitarian effort,” he said. “This is not about politics.”

    —Macon is historically known for having the largest population of African Americans, and being by far the lowest of incomes for African Americans in comparisons to the country. Is this or is this not a bit of “deja vu” for ignorance? To say only a few low income families, please. I understand this was years ago this was posted, but it really does show how some people just do not learn from history. So what if he is a Muslim, what is this? Lets not be ignorant, prejudice, and offensive to religious beliefs.You laugh at him for helping low income families, thinking it’s because it is political. The country laughs because for obvious political reasons your attack is more political than him helping low income families. Many people do find Bush to be the Devil, maybe that is because he slayed thousands of people in a war in which he had no reason. Also, the comments on relating this man to communist alliances is also in the historical index of white supremacy in the south during African American elections. Really? The red scare still haunting you?We hear this with Obama now, and it is ridiculous. Research what was said in news articles in 1950’s up until now. Not much has changed down there. People are still bigoted and ignorant and the world looks down on such inhumane principles. There is nothing to take pride in a Confederate Flag. It is disgusting and it should be recognized as an Embarrassing symbol staining America. The south still hasn’t let this argument go to this day. It is almost as if some Germans to this day were to hang a swastika outside their home say, “we will rise again.” (Now who sounds like a communist?)They both do sound familiar in racial superiority. Only way the south “will rise again,” is when the mindsets stuck in preserving what isn’t right and what doesn’t work for something that is equal and truly justice. People wouldn’t question just exactly how racist the south really is, if they were to move on from what had happened over a hundred years ago. To hang on to that one symbol in which really isn’t worth keeping because it has affected those whose ancestry in America comes from the result of slavery. It divides our country. That representation shows just how much people are willing to hang on to prejudice principles, for such small and little reasoning. The whole argument of the confederate flag was a joke, and this is too. It shows how racist people are, especially with Arab Muslims and African Americans. What if someone were to compare Caucasian American from the south as being a person whose racist with a white superiority complex, and wished to spread capitalism for America because we are “better” than others, when it is third world nations that we exploit and cheat. The argument is no better than that of saying these third world nations can’t do as well as America because they have no “self determination.” Almost like saying people of groups are lazy or shiftless. Ring any bells? It should. It is when someone of one race and one power controlling other racial groups who work the land of resources for that of the one racial group or power. US has economically enslaved its own and others around the world. But lemme guess, because people do not have “self determination” and to abuse God and Christianity in the name of resources isn’t correct. True Americans do not have a problem with a African American man who follows the faith of Islam. Americans believe in equality for all whether it be in our own nation or another. Unfortunately going to wars without a good reason, and then putting in place a fake democracy (which this isn’t democracy) Iraqi people should have involvement- this was done for oil. People like Bush just don’t give out something to others unless they get something out of it themselves. Which he really didn’t have much to offer now did he? Just because Americans feel like they can have a democracy here, when did it become okay to be VERY undemocratic in the national and international community? Bush’s hands are stained with blood and oil, and in the process he had created the racism towards Arabs as well. People in power of the south for a majority of history, have been know to be the “enemy of liberty” whether it be Latin Americans, Arab Muslims, and African Americans, and thank you to all your blog posts you had proven this point quite well. The south will never rise again, because they will never rise with such blatant disrespect and lack of intelligence when it comes to treating people the way they would want to be treated. The only way to rise is to not blame others, hopefully people who wrote this blog can somehow gain some of that super jolting boost of “self determination.” – good luck with that. I hope for all those living around you under the cloak of such hate rise above and beyond….I will be at the poll with them for reelection for Obama.

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