O’ Caliphate Where Art Thou

In Indonesia, a rally of 90,000 Muslims called for the return of the Caliphate, Islamic State. The rally was organized by the million strong Sunni Hizbut Tahrir. Hizbut has been banned in many Asian countries, but still were able to gather supporters from around the world to Indonesia.

Speeches called for the return of the caliphate, or Islamic statehood, across the Muslim world. The crowd, divided into sections for women and men, roared in support.

“We need to carry this message from every corner from the east to west, so that on judgment day we can be proud,” said Salim Frederick of Hizbut Tahrir’s English branch.

High school teacher Erni Tri, 40, said she drove two hours with her husband and three children to attend the prayers, music and speeches in Jakarta.

Hizbut Tahrir “is firm and uncompromising toward un-Islamic cultures,” she said. “It is driven by love for Allah and has no hidden agenda to get votes or power.”

The group, though radical, does not support violence to obtain its objective


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  1. You forgot after the caliphate is established its then onto Dal al harb. That’s world domination to the rest of us!!

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