Hey Little Girl, Want Some Ecstacy – Muslim Pediophiles in Britain

Atlas Shrugspoints out that the article uses the term Asian to descibe the assailants. This equates to how the term anti-Zionist is used to water down the hatred against Jews, in this case, Asian is used instead of Muslim, to hide culture responsible for these horrendous acts.

The term Asian in England is the euphemism for “muslim” Just as in France the euphemism is “immigrant youth” even if the “immigrant is third generations.

And rightfully so, Atlas questions the hypothetical what if… 

Can you imagine if the religions were reversed and it was Christian men grooming little Muslim girls for sex?

Or even worse, what if it was Israeli Hasidic Jews doing this to under age Muslim girls?

Say what? What kind of culture rapes little girls? Rhetorical question. A real woman is too much for them.

I dodn’t think a real woman is too much for them, but rather a sick perversion and the ideology that women are not equal, whether adult or child. They think females are for their use, since blowing ourselve up won’t get us 72 virgings, lets rape some little girls… 

I left Atlas’ formatting as is, because, I think she emphasises the key parts perfectly…

Grooming of white girls for sex is exposed as two “Asian” men jailed. TimesOnline hat tip Clyde

A hidden world in which “Asian” men “groom” young white girls for sex has been exposed with the jailing yesterday of two men for child-abuse offences.

Zulfqar Hussain, 46, and Qaiser Naveed, 32, from east Lancashire, were each jailed for five years and eight months after exploiting two girls aged under 16 by plying them with alcohol and drugs before having sex with them.

Both men pleaded guilty at Preston Crown Court to abduction, sexual activity with a child and the supply of a controlled drug.

Despite being told explicitly by police and social services that both girls were under-age and should be returned to care, the men picked up one girl from a children’s home in Blackburn and then drove on to collect her friend who was living in temporary foster care in North Wales.

Mother tells how daughter, 14, was groomed Naveed, from Burnley, gave one girl the first of five Ecstasy tablets at a motorway service station before having sex with her on the back seat of the car while the group drove back to Lancashire. The court was told that the two men later took the girls to an address in Blackburn where Hussain, from Blackburn, had sex with the second girl and gave her a total of ten Ecstasy tablets.

Yesterday Judge Andrew Gilbart, QC, jailed the two “Asian” men under new sex laws designed to protect youngsters from being groomed for sexual activity. Judge Gilbart said: “This is a truly shocking offence. You knew them. They were exploited for sex by the two of you. No other description is possible. They were under-age girls who you knew it was your responsibility to protect and not exploit.”

The trial came amid growing concern at the attitudes of some “Asian” men towards white girls which campaigners for women claim few people wish to address.

Parents have complained that in parts of the country with large “Asian” communities white girls as young as 12 are being targeted for sex by older Asian men yet the authorities are unwilling to act because of fears of being labelled racist.

Ann Cryer, a Labour member of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, has been at the forefront of attempting to tackle the problem after receiving complaints from mothers in her constituency about young “Asian” men targeting their under-age daughters.

Although campaigners claim that hundreds of young girls are already being passed around men within the “Asian” community for sex, she said that attempts to raise the problem with community leaders had met with little success, with most of them being in a state of denial about it.

After the case, the mother of one of the girls, who cannot be named for legal reasons, welcomed the jail terms. “This will hopefully act as a warning to others,” the woman said. She had had to leave the court as details of the men’s sexual relations with the teenagers were read out. After the trial, Ms Cryer said that young “Asian” men were caught between two cultures having been brought up in a Western society in families while retaining the cultural values of the “Asian” sub-continent.

Threekey points to this article:

  1. The use of the term Asian, is a way for these Muslims to hide their culture.
  2. The authorities, government and people of Britain are afraid to go after this small group of scum, because of the potential backlash from the Muslim community
  3. These men are not caught in a culture clash as the article says, they either came to Britain of their own free will or they were born there, either way they need to integrate into the society they are in. They have no problem using drugs and alcohol her, seems like their cultural and religious values are already gone, remember drugs and alcholol are big sins in the Muslim culture.

9 Responses

  1. Strange as it may seem the story must be told in the reverse too. White girls are no angels. At the same the parents of such girls must be morons for not supervising and monitoring their children.

    The Internet is rife with mostly coloured girls and Asian girls performing every form of weird sexual poses known to mankind.

    If the article wants to point out that the culprits are Muslims, please have the courage to say Muslims and identify their localities It is a bad form of press reporting to hide behind a massive cloak of ‘Asians’ and put all Asian people to be subject to the abuse that the Muslim boys are causing because the Muslim girls are virtually ‘hard to get’ for sex due to parental; family and cultural controls.

    Anyway, be BRAVE and call a Spade a Spade. If you are scared of Muslim boys and annoying Muslims in general, it is better that you let these unwanted immigrants take over your country and you migrate elsewhere to ensure that your young daughters are not raped by Asians.

    It is time that you whites atarted dealing with the Immigrants instead of writing all sorts of excuses to hide your fearfor them. Where have your ‘sperms’ gone to ?

  2. This is widespread in the UK and has been for years, Yorkshire and Lacashire and i guess almost any area where muslims live in large numbers.
    The authorities turn a blind eye even after many complaints that children are being targeted by this filth that walks our streets.
    Blaming parents is just a cop out, when the police themselves take no action how do you expect the parents to?
    Parents follow these muslims up onto the moors where their children are being raped by adult men, what do you expect them to do when in the UK the victim is the one punished and not the criminal?
    From the top down appeasing muslims has become the national state of affairs and woe betide anyone that speaks out.
    When the BNP leader Mr Nick Griffin tried to organise a march to protest years ago after getting nowhere going direct to the police, He was told the march would be illegal and action would be taken.
    Don’t assume that it’s fear my friend, you show little knowledge about how a police state works.
    What good would any of us serve behind bars?

  3. Optimum Technology, Inc.

    Thank you for your post!

  4. I believe that the blame lies with multiple parties. Yes, what Hussain and Naveed did was horrific, inexcusable and disgusting. However the motives behind their acts should not be placed solely on their Muslim faith. They are one in a million peaceful law-abiding Muslim immigrants, and these people should not be criticised for the acts of two weirdos. Think of how many nonMuslims are pedophiles, preying on young girls.

    I agree that something should definitely be done to stop sick men like this from destroying people’s lives. But this action should not be to the detriment of people who just so happen to come from the same country or religion as these particular men. Punishment should be aimed at pedophiles alone.

  5. Bethany,
    As I agree a vast amount of Muslims in the Western societies do not practice this part of their religion, there is a growing group that does. As the article points out hundreds of girls in one area are going through this, what about throughout the world.
    This is a practice that is part of the religion as the article points out, claiming it is a “culture clash”.
    how many young girls go through this is Muslim countries, and we do not know about it, because it is an accepted practice, or the girls fear a fate far worse, like death.

    Here is a bit more on the practice according to Islam;

  6. i say do what they do in their countries…..shri-law or what ever the hell its called….behead them!!!!!!!

  7. December 2007 at long last our dhimmi politicians are realising the public are becoming restless.
    The set up for an internal prostitution network investigation is to be set up.
    No mention of muslims of course nudge, nudge, wink, wink…most know that it’s muslim youth selling the girls to old muslim customers.
    Beth educate yourself please you are part of the problem that causes this abuse of our children.
    Perhaps the talk of taking the law into their own hands by northern men have jerked the dhimmis into action.

  8. I don’t think it’s so much because of the Muslim faith as their culture placed in a new context to which they have been unable or unwilling to adjust.

    Young Pakistani-origin males see the white people enjoying sex lives. They want to enjoy sex lives too. But girls and women from their own community are fiercely protected by their patriarchal parents from having any relationships, consensual or otherwise, with the opposite sex; having a sexual relationship with one of them would lead to ostracism, injury or death for both him and her. Older white women know that these guys will eventually be forced to marry some female cousin from the Isles or from back in the old country. So they have to hook younger white girls, already perceived as easy, and otherwise made easy through introduction to drugs and alcohol.

    I’m not justifying it, merely analyzing it. It’s a perfect storm of sex drive, permissiveness and social constraints. It’s like in game theory: if both Pakistani and white society were equally liberated sexually, this would probably not be happening to this extent. But due to extreme female-centered conservatism in the Pakistani community, less controls on men, the permissiveness in white society, perceived immorality of white girls, and the lack of protection afforded “loose” girls in patriarchal societies, the Pakistani men feel it’s ok to get sex from the “easy” or “loose” white girls, even if a little coercion and deception has to be employed.

  9. ” don’t think it’s so much because of the Muslim faith as their culture placed in a new context to which they have been unable or unwilling to adjust. ”

    Funny, because many but not all, muslim females find practising their faith while in a a different context. And women are not told, that there are two kinds og catagory of men: Those who cover (honourable) and those who are man-whores. So religion or at least the widely accepted interpretation and practise of religion, Islam does play a role. How many imams, muftis, scholars have we not heard say the same thing, from australia to pakistan to iran to egypt to the UK: the scarf symbolizes the chaste woman and is a must. It is protection (from what if not sexual immorality and or rape?) read the widely used and renowned tafsir (quranic interpretation) by Ibn Khathir. Look up the interpretation for the socalled “cover” verses used by men and women today to justify the scarf.

    “So they have to hook younger white girls, already perceived as easy, and otherwise made easy through introduction to drugs and alcohol.”

    If that is not a racist remark then I don’t know what is. You are claiming that younger white girls are easy. Anybody can be tricked through alcohol or groomed through gifts. This is actually taking place with muslim girls too. They meet up the guy thinking it is just harmless and end up assulted or worse, raped. Then the boys black mail them knowing the girls can not afford this getting to their parents or families.

    I resent that you are connecting sexual promicuity with a race and underage girls. I would suggest anybody who is going to dabble in that theory should have their head examined. If the same thing had been said about muslim underage girls being easy then hell would be unleashed along with compliaints and accusations of racism.

    “I’m not justifying it, merely analyzing it.”

    Well you are kind of justifying it. I don’t get this mode of thinking “It is not right, but..” Why is there always a but? There should be no but, however or such.

    Rape is a horrible crime and that be a white teenage girl or a muslim girl. A ‘No’ means a ‘No’. Yet these guys, in this case, pakistani, did not even bother to wait for the no. They tricked them and had their way. Paying no regards to the victim. And yes they most like do think these girls are cheap to begin with. Afterall they don’t have honour or a borderline infatuation with virginity or such.

    A gang rape took place in Australia, where the accused were pakistani immigrants, sons of a doctor. Their defense was essentially that they thought it was ok seeing as the girl was dressed in a certain way and sat with them drinking and talking. But they heard her plead with them saying and screaming and crying no. So why did they not stop? Clothes do not protect from rape. This idea however dates back to Islamic interpretation by the scholars and muslims in general. That is where the problem lies although I do not dismiss sexual suppression plays a role too.


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