Israel, The Last Refuge for Sudanese Victims

The Jewish State, has become the place Sudanese Muslims, fleeing the Muslim atrocities in their own country, can count on for safe refuge. Imagine that, Jews helping the Muslim Arabs… Could the opposite be said… Imagine Iran taking in Jewish refuges…

Unfortunately other Arabs, Egyptian Soldiers to be more specific have killed 4 Sudanese refugees trying to cross into Israel, even as Israel soldiers tried to help them cross into Israel. The soldiers stood by helplessly as Egyptian soldiers beat two of the refugees to death.

Atlas Shrugs ponders 

where is the world? Where is the outrage? The horror? The condemnation? Where is George full-of-shitnik- Clooney and Angelina Jolie?

The UN has proven itself time and time again to be ineffective and outdated, but with recent event in Sudan, they have proven themselve to be worse…

The islamization of the UN has, in effect, rendered them a tool of Islam

Yes, 100% correct a tool of Radical Islam… Many complain about how Israel is in violation of UN resolutions or how the US veto’s many UN resolutions against Israel. Well this is the reason why, because the UN has become islamized, like most of Europe.


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