Hillary the Anti-Christ of Feminism

Kyle-Anne Shiver of American Thinker is scared of the possibility that Hillary Clinton could be our next President. She outlines many points overlooked by the average voter.

It think one of the key points is integrity, this was lost when Bill lied under oath.

In real life – as opposed to fairytales – misrepresenting facts is called “lying.”  Constantly changing yourself (and your “truth”) according to the company you are in is called “a lack of integrity.”  A lack of integrity is considered by most normal folks to be a glaring character defect.  Now, if even Carl Bernstein is able to admit that Hillary is a liar and has a substantial lack of integrity, why would we even elect her POTUS?

What about all the scandals, possibly even getting away with murder…

So, just for a moment try to forget Travelgate (cronyism at its vile lowest), Whitewater (phony S&L scheme that cost taxpayers $4 million), campcon (FBI investigation into illegal Chinese government political contributions to Clintons and DNC), Monica-gate (don’t even go there), and Pardongate (the final-hour pardons granted by the Clinton “Co-Presidency,” including a host of Clinton & Rodham relatives, friends and big contributors).  Just forget all about those little “problems” with Hillary’s integrity, and think about some of the petty stuff.

People forget that is the real reason he was impeached, not that he was screwing around on his wife. What is important here is to look at his reason for lying, it was not so that Hillary would not find out, she has admitted she knew all about his sexcapades, long before their Presidency. So why did he lie under oath, to protect himself. Selfishness at its best.

So, let it be said from my all-female mouth now and on the record:  If Hillary Clinton is elected as President of the United States, it will set the cause of any sort of feminism back for at least 250 years.  Whether we like it or not, she will be the “ruler” by which future female candidates are measured.  And she will be judged for the woman she is – not for the man she isn’t.

Well I think Bill will be happy about the fact she will not be judged for the man she isn’t, after all he is touting that Hillary does not want to be a man….

Hillary Clinton’s thirst for power has been so great that she has knowingly trampled the feelings and rights of all the women she called “Bimbos,” enabled an out-of-control man to escape due punishment, and now dares to play the long-suffering, loving wife with no thought to the real-life consequences borne by all the “other” women that litter the roadside of Bill Clinton’s life. 
This one issue alone invalidates any claim she ever had to the real Women’s vote.  Her cadre of elite feminist loyalists can clamor all they wish for solidarity of the “sisterhood,” but I don’t know a single woman over the age of 18 who is buying it.  If Hillary Clinton gave one whit for the respectability of women, she would have trounced Billy boy a long, long, long, long time ago.
This is the real clincher, she let Bill get away with his cheating, why? To benefit her career. To gain her Senatorship, illegally, in NY. She needs Bill if she wants to be President, as it is she is trying to be the first female President, imagine if she was running as a bitter divorced woman? He chances would be even less. I know of only a handful of women that would put up with this behavior from their husbands, of them most of them are cheating on their husbands anyway.

I would give just about anything to be able – in good conscience – to vote for a woman for President.  Just not this particular woman.  She doesn’t even know who she is anymore.  How could she possibly know who we are?  She thinks we are the means to her end.  That’s all her idea of “sisterhood” has ever been.
It’s all about her.  And only her.

This sums up the Clintons as a whole.

Now for a little humor, why would you want to vote for a President that cannot satisfy their spouse?


4 Responses

  1. I agree that Hillary Clinton is not the best feminist role model. Hillary is about personal power, not female empowerment.

  2. It’s funnt that Sheldon says this about Hillary Clinton, but I’ll bet will sing to a different tune if the politician were an old, white male.

    What exactly about Clinton that is so different than any other politicians? Absolutely nothing. Admit it.

    Hillary Clinton plays the political game, and I am supportive of her for it. In the political reality, wearing your heart on your sleeve gets you nowhere. In the political reality, Mr. Smith doesn’t go to Washington. He doesn’t even get on the ballot.

    Sen. Clinton understands that, and I support her for it.

  3. Where are the american men? Are they being beaten by the jezebel of the last days? Are they dressing the skirts and women the pants? Come on men, trust in Christ. Change your wicked and feminine hearts

  4. Jezebel women have destroyed society, brought about murder of more tnah 50 million ccowardly deaths of innocent babies; more deaths than all the wars in the world put together. Feminism is the number one killer of mankind. Where are the Godly men, to
    challenge this evil spirit in feminists today?
    They will be thrown in hell fire. Thjey are wicked and anti-human in desguise

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