The Internet Is Falling

Chicken Little has cried out again. Martyn Warwick of TelecomTV has posted an ominous warning that we are running out of IP Addresses.

This is a sad story, not because we are running out of IP Addresses, but that this is NOT NEWS.

I remember back in the late 90’s the gurus were all screaming the same thing. IPv6 was in the works, 6-Bone was running side-by-side with IPv4.

Now to clarify some points of TelecomTV’s misinformation in a very irrespossible article for a technolgy company:

  • The use of private addresses and NATting has reduced the imminent threat of running out of IP Addresses
  • IPv6 is currently running concurrently with IP
  • IPv6 will translate legacy IPv4 addresses to IPv6 addresses
  • Currently there are only a little of 4 Billion IPv4 Addresses 2^32. Of these several blocks are for private use and need to be natted to reach the Internet
  • The number of devices in the World requiring an IP address far exceeds the 4 Billion available, but due to the use of private addressing we are still running. Examples are all computers connected to the Internet, Layer3 devices and up, cell phones, cable boxes, satellites etc…
  • IPv6 is a Hexadecimal Address consisting of 32 hex bits, so the number of available addresses will not be hundreds of trillions, but rather 16^32 power (340,282,366,920,938,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000).
  • Much software is already IPv6 compatible, the hard part will be legacy Internet backbone hardware that needs firmware upgrades.
  • IPv6 Capability is alive and well today and has been since 1999

Some Resources on IVv4 and IPv6


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