Liberals Want Fourth Admendment to Apply Outside US

In the trial for against the Holy Land Foundation, defense lawyers cried foul when Prosecutor’s wanted to introduce evidence confiscated by Israeli Military/Intelligence in Palestine.

The defense actual asked

the Israeli agent whether his soldiers had warrants when they raided Palestinian charities called zakat committees, orphanages and the Palestinian Authority

Luckily Federal District Judge A. Joe Fish, did not allow this line of reasoning to win out

You’re not contending that the Fourth Amendment applies outside the United States, are you?” Fish asked Moreno, referring the U.S. Constitution’s protection against unreasonable search and seizure. The judge said he did not see the relevance of whether the soldiers had warrants.

This is the same dopey logic the liberal left applies to all non-US citizens and the same twisted reasoning for granting illegal aliens more rights, health care, tax free dollars etc…

Do they not understand that the US Constitution applies to citizens of the US, not to everyone.


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