Border Agents Not Allowed to Shoot in Life Threatening Situtations

Mexico demands that US criminally charge border agent who shot smuggler, who has been caught illegally crossing the border 28 times in the past 8 years.

The Mexican government demanded in a statement that “all the weight of the law be brought to bear against the person or persons responsible.”

Notice the wording, the Mexican government is not demanding an investigation, there are demanding a VERDICT.

A US border agent caught Jose Alejandro Ortiz Castillo smuggling 2 immigrants through a hole in the border fence near El Paso, TX. While arresting one of the illegals, Castillo who had a pair of bolt cutters, picked up a rock. At this point the agent felt threatened and shot and killed Castillo.

The Mexican Foreign Relations Department feels that the agent used unproportional force.

“The Mexican government expresses a firm protest against the use of lethal weapons in the face of situations that do not represent a proportionate risk,”

Mexico criticized what it described as an “excessive use of force” against immigrants and demanded an investigation.

Let’s see an isolated area, dark, three unrestrained suspects, one suspect has bolt cutters (large blunt weapon) and then picks up a rock, that seems like a leathal threat to me. Not to mention they are not just immigrants, they are illegally trying to cross the border.

Jesus Castillo, brother to Alejandro complained that his brother was shot in the front

“The only thing I know is that they shot him head on, as if he were an animal, and neither Mexican nor American authorities had the courtesy to notify me about it until noon,”

So shooting him in the back would have made it like here were not an animal. The fact that he was facing the agent when the agent shot him, was armed with a two blunt objects, and possibly not searched as they were just apprehended, so the potentional of him being further armed, is a stron possibility until the agent had a chance to search him.

He let’s add some more watering holes in the desert.


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