Baghdad Diarist Update

The Washington Post has published a nice article with more information about the Baghdad Diarist… He is married/engaged to Elspeth Reeve a writer/Reasearcher for The New Republic. This in itself smells rather fish, and explains why TNR is so set on defending themselves. It think there is more to this than meets the eye.

disclosed in an interview that Beauchamp is married to a New Republic staffer, and that is “part of the reason why we found him to be a credible writer.”

So that is the gauge to determine a writers credibility? Very professional. Again, something more is coming from this. 

Additionally the Beauchamp was stationed in Germany when his first accounts of the Baghdad life was written.

But Editor of TNR Foer says

 “It is really unfortunate that someone like Scott, who was really only trying to tell his particular story, has become a pawn in the debate over the war and the Weekly Standard’s efforts to press an ideological agenda.” 

Beauchamp “has put himself in significant jeopardy” and “lost his lifeline to the rest of the world” because military officials have taken away his laptop, cellphone and e-mail privileges.

So by writing fictional pieces degrading his fellow soldiers did not put US Soldiers at risk? I think he put more soldiers at risk than himslef. Oh and he lost his lifeline to the rest of the world… Crap. They need to do more than just that, I think a little time in the Brig would be nice.

Little Green Footballs also found a nice article by Reeves, where she quotes Beauchamp,

“Glenn is completely submerged in politics on campus. It is honestly impossible to think about politics at MU without thinking of Glenn,” says Scott Beauchamp, editor-in-chief of Prospectus, a liberal campus news magazine. Beauchamp and Rehn met one year ago while campaigning for Howard Dean.

Notice Beauchamp’s title … Editor-in-Chief… So this guy knew what he was writing on TNR was wrong. He clearly knows the rules of journalism and the ethics about journalism.

This guy outright LIED and TNR posted it as truth, I am curious of TNR’s real role in all of this. I am starting to believe TNR may have set this whole thing up and Beauchamp was their puppet writer, under the direction of Foer.  

I Stole From Veterans and All I Got was this T-Shirt…

 Philip Kolinski of Carrollton Township, MI was found guilty of scamming scrapyards for metal, which he sold and kept the money.  When soliciting the scrapyards, he claimed to he was building a memorial for Iraq war vets. Instead he sold the scrap metal and pocketed the funds.

Saginaw County District Judge AT Frank sentenced Kolinski to pay restitution and fees equal to $11,000 and to clean a clean a monument dedicated to US Troops with a toothbrush while wearing a shirt that says “I Stole From Veterans


His partner, James M. Arnst, is awaiting trial, hopefully he will be sentenced just as accordingly.