They were nice boys. Very quiet…

Ahmed Abda Sherf Mohamed of Kuwait and Yousef Samir Megahed of Egypt, both Muslims, who were apprehended near the Naval station that holds enemy combatants, in South Carolina, have been charged with posession of several pipe bombs.
Authorities declare there are no known links to terrorism.
The defense has this to say:

Defense attorney, Dennis Rhoad, said the men have a reason for having the devices and it would become clear in later court hearings.

CAIR has already jumped in

Ahmed Bedier, the executive director of a civil rights organization for Muslims in Tampa, criticized the arrest as racial profiling, an accusation South Carolina police refuted.

If it’s clearly a pipe bomb that’s a different story. Then there is cause for concern,” Bedier said. “However, we have not seen consistent evidence that it is a pipe bomb. There is a lot of contradiction out there.” 

CAIR representive, not present at the scene says there is speculation as to what was found…

I guess the officers and bomb squad specialist on scene must have no clue as to what they are doing…

Technicians confirmed the devices were pipe bombs and destroyed them, according to sworn statements in the arrest warrants. 

This was just some simple fun they boys were having, that is the real reason. Right.


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