Suspicious Device in Vehicle Near Naval Brig

During a routine traffic stop, in Goose Grove, SC,  a suspicious package was discoved in the vehicle, authorites have deem the package as being an explosive device, but have not yet determined the exact contents. Two middle eastern men were driving a car with Florida plates are being held at the scene and authorities plan on detonating. Officials report there is no immediate threat to the area.

Goose Grove has a population of 30,000 and is home to the Naval Weapons Station, a military prison where enemy combatants have been held in the US Naval Consolidated Brig.

Authorities are still determining whether any laws have been broken and if the two will be charged.

CAIR will probably start yelling foul soon and label this as racial profiling…

Remember only a few months ago, the group in NJ that was arrested planning to attack Fort Dix?

Could this be the beginning exposure of a larger plan to attack US bases in the US? Two publically know incidents….


Here is a map of where this occured.

Note that there are several other points of interest in the area, Charlston AFB, Charlston International Airport, US Army Depot, but most significant is that the Highway they men were apprehended on leads right into the Naval Reservation.


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