Congress Democrats Take Presidential Veto Powers

Atlas Shrugs reports how the Democrats unconstitutionaly took Veto Powers into their own hands, when they lost a vote on the House floor.

The House voted 215 to 213 to deny housing and employment to illegal immigrants on the annual agriculture spending bill.  The votes were counted, but the Speaker closed the vote with his gavel.  The Democrats then unilaterally and imperially overturned this result—defying 218 years of precedent.  The Speaker reopened the vote to ensure that the motion was then defeated by a vote of 212 to 216, disenfranchising the American people and paving the way for illegal immigrants to receive federal housing and employment benefits.Earlier this week, the Democrats voted to take billions from the Medicare Trust Fund, force millions of seniors off of Medicare Advantage, and tax every private health insurance plan in the nation, because they were determined to provide Medicaid to illegal immigrants.  They did this by overturning a law, originally passed by Republicans, requiring individuals to prove their citizenship before receiving federal Medicaid benefits


If this is what Senator Clinton means by Progresive Democrat, I think I would rather have the Liberal Democrat back…

I just want to know how to become an illegal alien so I can get these kind of benefits.


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