Interstate 35W Bridge in Minneapolis Collapses

Updates – 8/2/2007 – 06:48

Minneapolis – St. Paul Star Tribune Links: Photos, User Sumitted Photos, Snapshot of Disaster,

More Pics: Daily News, CBS4

7 Cofirmed Dead – Unofficially 9

62 Injured and sent to hospitals for treatment

22 Missing, including one worker

Search and Rescue operations suspended around 01:00 due to visibility problems

Bridge passed inspection in 2005/2006 – No Structural Damages Found 

 Construction work being performed as resurfacing, no structural work being performed

The whole  2000 foot length of the I-35 bridge has collapsed according to FoxNews just after 18:00.

Quick info:

At least 3 dead, some reports up to 8 dead

20-30 injured

Up to 100 vehicles plunged into river

People are stranded on parts of the bridge surrounded by water

One truck was on fire as well as smoke of an unknown source

One school bus was on bridge when it collapsed.

The bridge was filled with bumper to bumper traffic

Authorities have ruled out terrorism

Bridge was under repair construction 

Freight train passing under bridge was cut in two when bridge collapsed 



 Market Watch

Daily Telegraph

The Australian has some limited pictures

MSNBC pictures


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  1. 62 Injured and sent to hospitals for treatment!!

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