Olmert’s Biggest Failure Haunts Him a Year Later

Most anti-Israel and terrorist organizations have taken for truth and flaunted that Israel did not accomplish a single objective in last summers Lebanon war. They are correct unfortunately. It is not that the Israel military was not capable, but rather their leadership, Olmert, lacked the spine to finish what was a just war. Maybe Olmert did not have the stomach for war, maybe he bowed to limited international pressure or maybe he was just plain afraid, no one know for sure. What is known now is that Hezbollah was down, they were hurt, like Rocky Balboa after taking a beating from any of the contenders in his movies. The difference is Rocky forced himself back into the fight and would go on the offensive. In the case of the Lebanon war, it was not that Hezbolla had a super human rush of adrenaline or the heart to keep fighting and take back the win. No, it was that the Israel, backed down. Put up it’s hands and let Hezbollah sucker punch it.

Steve Schippert of ThreatsWatch had called this last year, in Hizballah on the Ropes, where he clearly showed that Israel was kicking some serious Assballah.

The Jerusalem Post reports that a Hezbollah officer admitted that they were ready to surrender, completely supporting Schipperts assessment last August 2006..

 “The cease-fire acted as a life jacket for the organization [at the end of the Second Lebanon War],” a Hizbullah officer said in an interview aired by Channel 10 on Tuesday. In the interview, the unnamed officer said Hizbullah gunmen would have surrendered if the fighting last summer had continued for another 10 days.

The officer also said that many Hizbullah commanders were ordered to hide before the war started, and that the gunmen who remained were forced to fire Katyusha rockets from inside urban populations because of the IDF’s efficiency in destroying launchers minutes after a launch had been detected.He said that when the gunmen relocated to cities and villages, they knew innocent civilians would be hurt as a consequence.

The quick arrival of IAF jets at rocket-launch sites, sometimes only four to five minutes after a Katyusha was fired, “surprised” Hizbullah, the officer said

Notices how Hezbollah his amongst civilians and fired their weapons from these positions. A true Asymetric Warfare tactic. A true terrorist display. A true cowards retreat. But forcing the objective. To make Israel look like the evil monster killing civilians. International pressure increased and Olmert turned yellow. That is how the terrorist will beat Israel, unless Israel elects a leader like Sharon, who is ready to fight the hard battle, not against the terrorist, Iran or Syria, but rather public opinion and international pressure.

Now Hezbollah is back at full strength, with more missiles, is poised to strike Israel at any time, it is just waiting for the go ahead from Syria and Iran. Maybe this time Olmert will step aside and let his military leaders do their job.


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