Iran Will be Within Striking Distance of Israel

Debka reports that Iran is buying 250 SU-30MKM bombers and 20 IL-78 MKI fuel tankers from Russia arms group Rosoboronexport. The bombers are identical to the SU-30MKIs Russia sold to India and Malasyia.  The deal is worth 10’s of Billions of dollars if it goes through and will be the largest arms deal in 30 years for Russia. Initial delivery of the initial bombers is set to before the end of the year.

The SU-30MKMs could be used to target areas such as Israel & Lebanon. If Iran gets the fleet of aircraft it will be second only to Israel’s Air Force.

Iranian pilots have already begun their training in order to reduce down time once the planes are delivered.

Here is a video of the SU-30MKI courteous of Su37rulez at YouTube.

It definitely puts on a good show in maneuverability and stunts, however I would like to see some combat footage against US fighters to get a better comparison of how it will perform.

Atlas Shrugs has a nice pic of the SU-30.


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