Should Doctors Boycott the British Medical Journal?

Atlas Shrugs brings attention to the British Medical Journal’s (BMJ) recent anti-semetic campaign, in the guise of a poll, posing a boycott of Israeli acedemia. As “VILE! UK Jew Hatred, VOTE FOR GENOCIDE” points out, Britian is become an Islamic extention, and there is an increase in anti-semetism generating from it, as has been going on in most of Europe for some time. 

Unfortunately, the virus of anti-Semitism is not limited to transplanted or native born Muslims in Britain. Many Brits, are all to willing and eager, to vilify Jews and Israel – as their nation is being Islamicized.

This poll, after several Muslim doctors tried to kill Brits in recent attacks, in England and Scotland, needs to be seen for what it is. For one of the leading medical journals to create this poll is even more absurd, as the medical society should be for saving all lives, enemy or not. This seems to contradict the moral core of being a doctor in the first place.

As Altas Shrug urges, I to urge readers to take the poll and voice dissent against the BMJ’s attempt to vilify Israel.


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