Hamas Fundraisers on Trial in the US

Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, one of the largest, if not the largest, US based Palestinian charities, has been indicted for being a Hamas fundraiser. The Texas based organization has been funneling vast amounts of money to the familties of suicide bombs under the guise of humanitarian aid to the West Bank and Gaza strip, according to a decade long investigation by the FBI.

According to the prosecutor, James T. Jacks,

The charity’s leaders lied about their purpose because to tell the truth is to reveal what they were all about – the destruction of the state of Israel and replacing it with a Palestinian Islamic state,”

The defense claims “ignorance” to the use of the money.

Defense attorneys claimed ignorance on behalf of their clients, insisting that the Holy Land Foundation was unaware its financial gifts were being used to support Hamas terrorism.

I would venture to say that as a charity organization they should be held liable for what they do with their money and who it goes to.


2 Responses

  1. The truth has yet to be determined. Oblviously in the 6 months since your article was posted, there has been enough evidence to proceed to trial. The claims of the defendents, clearly were ways of trying to get out of trial. We will see what comes of the trial itself.

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