Liquidman Update

Carey Mitchell admits to USA Today he is responsible for the Killitary posting. Mitchelle tells how he added a disclaimer to the post only hours after his original posting, the Google cache does not show his disclaimer, may it is just bad timing or maybe he did not do it at all…
Mitchell’s disclaimer is a poor attempt at trying to justify his post.

“This article in no way is meant to suggest that all military members will become serial killers or mass murderers. It does point out a serious problem with what is happening in our armed forces and seeks a solution to help the brave men and women on their return back home.”

So Mr. Mitchell, are you suggest that most will? That is what is sounds like to me. Maybe you meant only some will or a few will, however what you wrote implies that MOST will.
He then goes on and says

“We asked Mitchell if he thinks military service causes people to commit atrocities in civilian life.
“It can be a fraction of the whole painting of that person,” he says, adding: “I don’t think flat-out 100% if a person goes into the military they’re going to come out as a serial killer or mass murderer. I do think that everything in a killer’s life determines who they become.””

So maybe flat-out 99% you believe Mr. Mitchell. Maybe you should have left the percentage out and simply said you do not think flat out if a person….

Mitchell has since reposted the Kilitary post on incoldblog…

He opens with

“I decided to repost this after being excoriated by both left- and right-wing blogs. After speaking with various military personnel who read this post they assured me that it is very obvious and clear what I was getting at. The military trains people to kill and some of our men and women return home and don’t receive the proper care to deal with the horrors of war or even the intensity of training. Not a single one of them thought I was trying to smear the soldiers or call them serial killers. They thanked me for pointing out a serious problem that gets overlooked by the military and needs to be dealt with.

This comes without all the bells and whistles of links/photos/blockquotes/etc.”

Mr. Mitchell how many are various, who where they. Sounds linke a lame attempt to try and qualify his reposting.
I know many of the bloggers outhere in the political arena are military or exmilitary. Did you talk to them, I will be many of them reported on kilitary.

I like the last sentence, it makes it sould like the “bells and whistles” were what made the original post offensive and incorrect. Sorry it is the words, not the links, photos or blockquotes.


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