In Cold Blog Exposed

Little Green Footballs, exposes deleted post by In Cold Blog. As he states, he was getting ready to blog about the article, when it was deleted. Some I have talked to claim there is no proof that the site LGF site as having saved the HTML is accurate as it could have been changed from the original for political reasons. So to them, I say shame, Google had alread cached this one, it is the original In Cold Blog Killitary Article.

The original article was posted on the Daily Kos by someone called liquidman. As Michelle Maklin points out the provide suggests >Author Corey Mitchell as the poster based on the diary entry, which has been sunsequently removed..

A Whois search of Cory Michell’s website shows the registrant as Liquid Management (Liquid Man)
Here is the information from Network Solutions: (note this is public information incudling the telephone number)

Make this info private
15538 Knollmeadow
San Antonio, TX 78247
Administrative Contact :
15538 Knollmeadow
San Antonio, TX 78247

Some links related to Liquid Management/Corey Mitchell

Yahoo! Profile
Myspace Profile
Reference to incoldblog on Mitchell’s webpage, see Google’s cached version.


Debuts June 1
May 25, 2007 – Los Angeles Times best-selling true crime author Corey Mitchell has corralled 31 of the most important and influential people in the field of true crime to appear together under one blog entitled In Cold Blog. This unprecedented new true crime blog will set the standard for true crime blogging.”

Summary- Corey Mitchell’s Incoldblog site posts mirror of article posted on DailyKos by a user called LiquidMan. Corey Mitchell’s registrant company is called Liquid Management.

Seems like Corey Mitchell is LiquidMan to me. Now in fasion with his murder mystery writing, he is trying to cover his tracks by deleting information.


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