Our Enemy’s Civilian Shields

Michael Krauss and Peter Pham at the American Thinker have posted a great must read article about the war on terror, can’t we all Give War a Chance. If you listen to the main stream (liberal) media, the war is lost. They do not report on the successful campaigns, but rather the so called limited number of autrocities the US military is commiting.
What most forget, that Krauss and Pham, show is that in order to execute a war effectively, you must fight to win. That has been forgotten and shoved under the rug by the liberal media, Congress, the peace activist…
Atlas Shrugs posts a great article, that is indirectly connected. It shows death tolls of US military personel over the past 26 years in comparison with the Iraq War, which is part of the war on terror. When put into light our causualties are very low, despite what the liberal media wants you to believe.
So why is the liberal media, trying to make us loose?


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